Employment, a weapon against violence against women

In so far this year 39 women have died due to domestic violence in Spain, despite the fact that in the first semester of 2016 a 13% increase in the number of complaints Compared to the same period of the previous year. Experts say that the improvement of the economy increases the confidence of finding a job for women victims of gender violence. Being autonomous is the reason why they feel more secure at the time of filing the complaint.

The main barriers that hinder women victims of domestic violence access to employment are: the low level of self-esteem, the family burdens not shared, the limited flexibility of schedules, geographical limitations and corporate prejudices.

Reports of violence against women increase

Since the beginning of the economic crisis in 2007, many women victims of domestic violence extended this situation for fear of not finding a job and not having enough economic resources to get ahead on their own and support their children.

The data on complaints registered by the General Council of the Judiciary and the Observatory of Gender Violence demonstrate this. During the economic crisis there was a decrease in the number of complaints filed. In 2013, the summit of the economic crisis, a total of 124,894 complaints were recorded throughout Spain, 14% less than in 2008.

This reduction is a reflection of the difficult moment of the economy, since this downward trend was broken in the year 2014, when 126,742 complaints were counted, a 1.5% more compared to the previous year. An upward trend that continued during the 2015, when 129,193 complaints were registered, 1.9% more than the previous year.

It is expected that in 2016 the number of complaints of domestic violence will be higher than in 2015. During the first semester of this year, a total of 70,236 complaints were recorded, 12.6% more than during the same period the previous year, when accounted for 62,323 complaints.

According to Francisco Mesonero, general director of the Adecco Foundation: "the increase in
Reports of abused women is a symptom of the increased confidence of women in the labor market and the possibilities of getting a job. Employment is the best way to combat gender violence and make these women fully independent. "

Barriers to access to employment for victims of domestic violence

1. Self-esteem: the low level of self-esteem and lack of self-confidence prevents them from developing many personal and professional skills to find employment

2. Family charges not shared: Women victims, in many cases, take care of their children without anyone being able to help them. Many companies think that they will not comply with their schedule or that they will continually fail their job because they care for their children or other family members.

3. Flexibility of schedules: After reporting their situation, many women victims need to work at a specific time to be able to face other responsibilities such as caring for their children. It is necessary to sensitize the business sector to allow them a flexible work schedule to reconcile.

4. Geographical limitations: Many women victims and with a restraining order are forced to leave their place of origin since, they can not work in the same area as their aggressor for fear of a possible encounter. They are forced to start a new life in a place unknown to them. This ignorance of the environment, of the job opportunities it offers and the distance from their usual social circle (family and / or friends) that can help them is a handicap when it comes to finding a job that allows them to move forward.

5. Business prejudices: At present, many companies fear to be harmed if they hire women victims of domestic violence with a protection order due to the possible proximity of the abuser to the victim's workplace.

Measures to favor the labor inclusion of women victims of domestic violence

1. Sensitization: It is necessary to raise awareness among companies about the problems that these women face in order to favor their labor inclusion without harming the personal situation they live in and to promote the implementation of labor conciliation measures that allow
These women work and take care of their family when they do not have other help.
2. Resources: providing these women with resources to address their competence development is a fundamental aid to face the job search.
3. Associative tissue: strengthen the associative fabric so that women feel supported in their search for employment.

Marisol Nuevo Espín
Advice:Francisco Mesonero, general director of the Adecco Foundation

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