Baby's diaper rash: annoying irritation

The diaper rash it is an inflammation of the skin, in an area that is usually constantly covered. This disorder is typical in most babies during their first months of life and usually only improves once they start wearing underwear without any protection. Although there is no definitive solution, we can put into practice some small tricks that will allow us to alleviate the discomfort of our baby as soon as possible.

The baby's bottom is subjected to a humidity far superior to that of any other part of his body. This, together with the lack of ventilation in this area offered by the diapers and the effect produced by the child's urine are the main causes of the appearance of the diaper rash. To avoid them, it is important that we try to keep the skin of our child as dry and clean as possible from the first day.

Absorbent and breathable: this is how babies' diapers should be

Also, when choosing the disposable diapers of our child we must always choose those that are more absorbent and breathable. Thanks to them we will manage to avoid that the child is wet most of the time. Even so, we will try to change it often in order to avoid that the skin is wet and covered too often (we will check approximately every 1 or 2 hours if the diaper is wet or dirty to change it).

In addition, as long as the home environment allows it, we should not give up leaving our little one as long as possible with his little ass on the air. A good time to put into practice this little trick is usually the diaper changes. If after having cleansed we let the child spend a few minutes without clothes, there is no doubt that his skin will be ventilated and dry much better than if we covered him immediately. In case the temperatures do not allow it, we can resort to the tempered air of our hair dryer to eliminate excessive humidity in the area.

Protective creams for diaper rash

Another possible solution for the diaper dermatitis are the protective creams. Its barrier effect prevents children's skin from continuing to be irritated by being in constant contact with the diaper's moisture.

Among the products that should not be abused are wet wipes. Being impregnated with soapy substances not only do not usually improve the irritation, but can even increase it.

During the daily bath, it is not advisable that we resort excessively to soap and water because we will be increasing the humidity of the child's skin unnecessarily. In addition, it has been proven that the constant use of soap at these ages usually contributes to further alter the fragile balance of the skin flora of the child. Dermatitis is rarely caused by an allergy to detergents, soaps or bleaches used to wash a child's clothes or in personal hygiene.

The pediatrician for severe diaper rash

Maybe, despite taking all these precautions, our little one continues to suffer from this annoying irritation. In this case we will not hesitate to go to the pediatrician as soon as possible. He will indicate the possibility that there is a possible fungal infection.

The most common is usually caused by the Candida albincans, a fungus that usually causes small red spots and has a great facility for exterderse. If this is what happens to our baby, the doctor will provide us with the most appropriate medication to solve this annoying problem as soon as possible.

Tips to relieve baby's diaper rash

1. Let's try to acquire diapers with elastic bands adaptable so that they do not squeeze too much between our baby's legs. In this way we favor a little ventilation of the area.

2. Change the child frequently especially after the depositions. This is usually the most effective method of preventing dermatitis from occurring.

3. After changing our little one, let's try to dry the ass well of the child, and if the skin is irritated we will try to leave him for a while without a diaper.

4. Do not put on plastic panties about his own diaper. This type of habits prevent the correct transpiration and ventilation of the area.

5. Try not to over-tighten the diaper At the child's waist we will allow the circulation of the air above the skin.

Whenever possible because we are at home, do not use wipes. Wash your ass in the sink and dry well without rubbing with a small cotton towel dedicated only to the child's personal hygiene. If we have to ointment, try to wait until the skin is dry.

Cristina Álvarez
Advice:María del Pilar Pérez Rivas, expert in Dermocosmetic of Uriage Laboratories

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