Educate from the tranquility

Being a parent is not an easy task, nobody has taught us educate from the tranquility and the day to day does not make the task easy, from the alarm clock until we go back to bed we have done a lot of activities: we prepare breakfasts, we dress the little ones, we take them to school, we go to work, we pick them up from school, we help to do homework, baths, dinners ... at this rate, fatigue accumulates and the normal thing is that each task costs us more, increases discouragement, reluctance and stress.

With all the things we have to do, the rush, the feeling of lack of time, help, resources, etc. it is easy for us to lose our patience, to get irritated, to scream ... and for our tiredness and bad humor to end up paying those who deserve it the least, that is, our children. In order to be in balance and transmit it to the children, it is necessary for the parents to be calm and calm.

How to get calm?

We must not forget that we are the example of our children and that they will learn to face life according to what they see in their homes. As parents we must begin to become aware of what is really important, stop the frenetic pace of life, turn off the autopilot and enjoy each experience, that is, to feel more and think less.

When dads and moms are calm, life knows more, we feel more, and also enjoy more of all that life offers us, making our relationships more intense, more real and more beneficial for all.

Advice to educate our children from tranquility

1. Get organized. We are not supermamás or superpapás, so we can not reach everywhere, and therefore it is not logical that we demand to reach everywhere. Make a list of tasks and prioritize.

2. Take care of yourself. To be in balance is essential to take care of yourself, take care of your diet, rest the necessary hours, exercise and dedicate time to do activities that you like, with which you enjoy. If I do not take care of myself, how am I going to take care of others?

3. Ask for help. It is better to ask someone to help us when we see that we do not get to everything that to be angry all day, yelling and reluctantly, all this negative energy permeates our home and those who live there.

How to transmit that tranquility to my children?

Just as adults we like to be calm, calm and live the feelings that come from that state, the little ones also like to live it. In the same way that when we are happy and happy we transmit that positive energy to those around us, when we are angry, nervous or hurry, we also transmit those emotions to our children.

Tips to start transmitting peace of mind to your children

1. Do not hurry. Without realizing our messages to children are; Come on! Hurry up! Run! We make them live in a non-stop, stressing them, from here to there all day. Give it a time of calm and tranquility.

2. Taste every moment. Put all your attention on what you are doing, if for example you are telling a story to your children, focus on the story, the feelings, the relationship with your child and leave aside what you will do tomorrow or the problem you have had at work. It is your moment of calm.

3. Enjoy. Enjoy your children, watch how they laugh, how they play, how they have fun, how they learn and experience and support them on that path.

Rocío Navarro Psychologist Director of Psicolari, integral psychology

Video: Sakeenah (tranquillity) in educating our children

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