12 games for children with awakened minds

A Creative person She is the one who knows how to find different solutions to the problems that arise. And in this line, the impulse of creativity has an essential value, since it is a learning process in the ability of children to adapt to new situations. Because a creative person is the one who knows how to turn problems into opportunities.

12 games to stimulate a creative mind

Stimulate your creativity, giving starting points to the little ones so that they can put their imagination to work with these exercises and games for children with awakened minds.

1. Play with your child to invent a story. How? Assign a character to each member of the family, invent and write the dialogue and, once the story is over, children can make the representation on a Sunday afternoon or on vacation.

2. Encourages the child's curiosity through observation. Teach him to look and capture details of what he sees. Discuss with him what he has observed, helping him to find answers: "What are the men in the painting doing, why are they carrying umbrellas, etc.?"

3. Arrange a "toolbox" for your child with scraps, delayed magazines, cardboard trays, tapes, empty containers and various remains. With these raw materials, propose from time to time to make a toy or a gift.

4. Provide abundant blank pages to the child and colored pencils to capture their experiences and those of their family.

5. Explain what they are and what the senses are for. Go asking more and more complex questions, so that the child has to make an effort in the answer. For example: if it comes out and feels wet on the face, it is raining and you should bring umbrellas ...

6. Accustom your family to play the "brainstorm" or "brainstorming", asking questions such as: what can a paper, a pencil, a coin, a boat ... serve in addition to ...?

7. Allow him to play with simple household items, as long as they do not contain danger. A tube of toothpaste or a milk box, empty, the cardboard of the toilet paper, etc. They can be the funniest toys.

8. Present hypothetical situations in which he has to find solutions. Follow the game by denying your alternatives to force you to look for different ones. For example: What would you do if there is no one at home?

9. Make several drawings on cardboards and, after coloring them, cut them separately. Then encourage the child to make a collage on a larger piece of paper with a glue stick.

10. Provide frequent contacts with nature. Plants and animals will greatly stimulate your creativity, and your imagination will lead you to live there exciting adventures.

11. Provide your child with materials that he or she can experience and create. A simple piece of plasticine or a blank sheet in which you make a tempera brush fall, will serve as a starting point for the kid to interpret the created forms at will.

12. Make it easy for your children to build a small cabin in the garden with the branches cut from a tree or on the terrace with several chairs and a sheet. Then, let them make up stories.

Beatriz Bengoechea. Psychologist and family counselor.


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