Contact parents- teachers, something necessary in the education of the child

The educational center is a very important place for children. On the one hand it is there where acquire knowledge and he begins his curricular preparation for his future work for the other is where he spends several hours at the end of the day and the week, and where live numerous experiences. Two good reasons to be interested in how the little ones do in school.

To know this situation, the best option is to have a good relationship with teachers of the school, especially with the tutor of the class where the child is going. In this way, thanks to the relationship between parents and teachers, a closer vision of the situation of the child within the school will be achieved.

Second educational figure

In the first years of the child's life are the parents who exercise as educational figure of the smallest. However, when they grow up other people appear that influence their development, in this case the teachers. They spend many hours with their children, days during which the children are influenced by their values ​​indirectly or directly.

For this reason, the need to know who is in charge of the child's education, who is influencing their development in the same way that parents have done during the first years of life. In short, make the child see that between his two referents, parents and teachers, there is good relationship and that both personalities are understood perfectly.

As for the school You also need to understand the need to involve parents in the process of teaching students. East development in the minors is a matter of two: parents and teachers, with which the school must encourage the relationship between parents and educators. All in order to benefit children, who will achieve full development thanks to this link between both entities.

Methods to encourage the relationship between parents and teachers

Given the evidence of having a good relationship between parents and teachers, educational center and groups of parents must ensure that this is done and that there is cordiality among the three actors: children, parents and teachers:

- Periodic meetings. Going to meetings every so often in order to know and share the details of the student is very important. Parents will know first hand the behavior of their children in class and teachers will know how their pupils behave in class and give advice on study techniques that improve the child.

- Joint activities. Parents can relate to the school beyond the academic sphere. Whenever there is time to do so, it is recommended to collaborate in the organization of extracurricular activities such as excursions, theaters, special days, etc.

- Go to classes. From time to time, school visits can be organized with a school day where parents are the spectators of a regular class to know how their child behaves habitually and what the teacher usually does in the classroom.

- Parent groups. Organizing parents into groups to get a common vision about what their children need is very important. Agreeing to transmit their needs to the school will speed up the work.

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