How to stop at home the aggressive behaviors of adolescents

In some cases, adolescence may be accompanied by the appearance of aggressive behaviors, with extreme cases that can suppose episodes of physical and verbal violence against the parents.

To avoid reaching these moments, we must stop these behaviors since they appear in teenagers. From the first glimpse of insult and even long before reaching these ages as in many cases the child aggression begins since the children are much smaller.

Against aggressive behaviors: avoid laughing thanks

Violent behaviors sometimes start from early ages because of not knowing how to stop certain behaviors. Many times the children answer by kicking and throwing an expletive do not get what you want. In these situations many parents prefer to do nothing waiting for this behavior to stop on its own.

The child learns that nothing happens if he behaves in this aggressive way. What is recommended for curbing the aggressive behaviors of adolescents It is always to respond to them by making them see that they have not liked anything this attitude and if he continues there he will not achieve what he wants. This will prevent this behavior from worsening as the children grow.

Always firm in the face of aggressive behavior

Adolescent violent behavior towards parents is often related to frustration because they have been denied something. It is in those moments when the children resort to insults, accusations of lack of attention from their parents and emotional blackmail to get what they want. Many adults give in these cases to prevent the situation from getting worse.

However, it is on these occasions when adolescents should be remembered the most paternal authority and not give in to these blackmail. Make them see that no matter how much they squeal or insult they will not get anything. What's more, all they will get from this behavior is severe punishment. Must stay firm and make him abandon this behavior for another more focused on dialogue and understanding.

Attention to what happens to teenagers

In other cases there is the possibility that this behavior responds to frustration on the part of the adolescent. That in his educational center he is suffering some type of conflict or that this is his answer to an adverse family climate where you do not feel comfortable. In these situations it is best to talk quietly with the child to know their feelings.

Perhaps what really happens is that the teenager has preferred create a breastplate to prevent parents from knowing that they are victims of a school bullying case. For this they resort to emotional ostracism and bad ways to get away from their parents when they try to get closer.

But we must not give up, we must try to get to the bottom of this matter. If necessary, you can always ask teachers or people in the immediate circle to know the real situation of the adolescent. This way you can help him get out of that alley and also to end to this behavior that is so aggressive and that is not beneficial in any way.

Damián Montero

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