Two out of ten children in Spain are overweight

How good they are but how bad some foods like sugary drinks are for the health, industrial pastries, junk food, etc. Eating these foods on special occasions is understandable. However, there are situations in which this type of product is abused, which is linked to the growing sedentary lifestyle in homes.

These two ingredients have a clear result: cases of overweight and obesity. Two health problems that are spreading in Spain, and not only in adults, but more and more children suffer from these problems. This is revealed by the Spanish Society of Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Diseases, SECO, organism that has made a map of obesity within these borders to offer a real vision of poor diet.

Two out of ten children who are overweight

In order to analyze what children eat Spain and the physical activity carried out by these, SECO has focused its study on several cases of children between 6 and 18 years old. After evaluating these participants, this body concluded that in Spain 23% of children and adolescents in this country are overweight, that is, two out of ten have this problem.

Regarding the obesity indexes in Spain, SECO expressed that one of every ten children and adolescents in this country suffers from this problem. A matter that from this organism is invited to reflect because age does not avoid the problems derived from this excess fat in the body: hepatic steatosis, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, type 2 diabetes or sleep apnea and others more typical of childhood such as cerebral pseudotumor or Bloun's disease.

In addition, those responsible for this study also warn of the reduction of mobility that brings overweight and obesity. Not only because a greater amount of fat in the body restricts the number of possible movements, but because these problems make those who suffer feel a greater laziness when it comes to moving, preventing them from being able to remedy it.

Cardiovascular problems and self-esteem

Those responsible for the research also point to other problems arising from excess weight in adolescents and children, especially in the former. Being obese or overweight increases your chances of suffering heart attack and many other cardiovascular problems that can even lead to respiratory problems that make these people live in a continuous sense of suffocation.

On the other hand, SECO warns of the problems of self esteem derivatives of overweight. Seeing yourself different is always a reason to feel bad about yourself. In these cases being different for reasons of weight can be the target of many ridicule by classmates. A fact that means the beginning of a circle of difficult exit: overweight adolescent receives insults- saddens- eats to alleviate his pain- increases in weight- receives insults again.

More activity and less industrial bakery

This growth of cases of obesity have occurred for two reasons: increased sedentary lifestyle in children that has relied on the expansion of electronic devices such as video game consoles, computers, tablets, etc. All this contributes to the child finding fun sitting and not running and practicing any physical activity.

The second reason is the increase in the offer of products with added sugars and an excess of fats that are often given to children more than they should be. At this point nutritionists recommend a more active lifestyle and less presence of food such as industrial bakery and fast food.

Damián Montero

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