Strollers for the car, forward or reverse?

To travel quietly in the car with our children we have to know how to best place the approved seats and avoid shocks. In this way we will live great experiences and we can be assured that nothing happens to children.

Chairs for the car: always in the opposite direction

Pediatricians recommend that chairs for the car during the first years always they are placed in the opposite direction to the march. This is explained because the child has relatively larger head and a weaker neck than adults.

This anatomy would cause that in case of a collision if the direction of the march is sitting or looking at one of the doors, the body would be held by the harness of this device and its head would be projected forward with great force. This would generate a lot of tension in neck, spine and internal organs.

On the other hand, if the child goes to the Wrong Way on the march these forces would affect the back of the seat, so that the whole body of the child would be protected. A good way to travel calmly without fear of a bad braking or a collision.

When to use child restraint chairs

The first thing is to know the different security devices that exist in the market and to know in which situations both must be used:

- Chairs of group 0 and 0+. These devices can only be placed in the opposite direction to the gear.

- Group 1 chairs. Of this modality there are reversible, which can be placed in both directions.

- I-size chairs. Specially manufactured to go in the opposite direction to the march until 4 years.

In Spain, the law requires the use of a child restraint system until the child exceeds 135cm. The retention system of group 0 and 0+ must always be installed in the opposite direction to the direction of travel. However, from 9 kg, devices of group 1 can be used, which can go in the direction of travel. However, for the safety of the child, even if it is not compulsory, it is advisable to take the children back to back as long as possible.

Damián Montero

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