Motherhood and blogs according to brands

Do brands know how to talk to current mothers? Do they feel identified as mothers in television ads or on social networks? A global study by the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi shows that mothers fulfill several different roles, that se see themselves away from the idealized image that shows the publicity, and that the majority considers that the marketing does not interpret them.

More than half of the mothers surveyed think that advertisers do not understand them. A study conducted by Saatchi & Saatchi in eight different markets (including Mexico and the US Latino population) consulted more than 6,000 women to find out what they think about their role and how companies communicate with them.

One of the most relevant data of the study is that the interviewees feel that, instead of them, marketing speaks to their mothers, that is, the generation that precedes them. While the usual message of brands is usually focused on the essential part of nurturing and nurturing, mothers prefer to talk about a "much more complex emotional relationship" that not only covers the functional needs of their children.

And while advertising messages paint motherhood as an almost sacralized figure, women responded in the consultation that continue to be considered "real and human", and retaining the characteristics that define their individuality. Hence, many of the most recent emotional advertising campaigns that best highlight the real life of mothers have been so successful.

Different roles of motherhood

The study highlights the different roles that mothers play at home. 47 percent of the time is devoted to their maternal role, but not only do their children occupy their time. So 11 percent of the time they act like "coach" of their children contributing to their training and education, 7% dedicate it to maintain the safety and comfort of the house, in 5% of the time they act as "fan" of their children (going to watch their games and bring and take to the activities extracurricular activities), and another 4% dedicate it to being, simply, companions of their children's games.

Brands know that connecting and knowing well to an audience such as mothers is of vital importance since they have become the best prescribers of brands. So much so, that the female blogger movement It has become a phenomenon and they are already a real pressure group for brands that increasingly count on them to market new products or test their quality.

Maternity blogs and blogger mothers

Blogger mothers have become opinion leaders and their experiences influence their readers. Let's not forget, mothers trust other mothers. From blogs that began as a spontaneous relief on motherhood, pregnancy, family or education, the maternal blogosphere has evolved so much in recent years that there are even platforms that agglutinate maternity blogs; true jewels in design, layout, strategy and large doses of professionalism. Some people say that even excessive, but in many cases is the livelihood of those women who have stayed outside the labor market Y they have reinvented themselves after their motherhood showing on the network the best of their faces.

One of the most important networks in Spain is Madresfera, which brings together more than 3,600 blogs from mothers and fathers about motherhood, decoration, travel, parenting ... all the universe of children and their things. In addition, Madresfera connects these blogging mothers of the maternal blogosphere with the main brands of the sector offering promotional actions and thus generating opinions and opportunities to professionalize the contents of these blogs.

Motherhood is fashionable, the value of mothers is increasingly recognized, and it is essential that the role of motherhood and women both in advertising and in society, be appropriate and consistent with the reality of the moment we live .

María Zalbidea González. Blog author Sewing the digital divide

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