Activities to spend a fun afternoon at home

When bad weather prevents us from enjoying the outdoors and forces families to stay at home, we need ideas to spend the afternoon entertained. We propose these plans:

1. Cake shop. Everyone likes the sweet, dare to put on your apron, stain your hands with flour and sugar to make a delicious cake, muffins, cookies, etc. What comes out of the oven does not matter, the important thing is the family experience that will learn to work as a real team. In addition it is always better to have a homemade dessert than an industrial one loaded with added sugars.

2. Home theater. Select a simple work that everyone likes, share the roles and enjoy a theatrical performance with the best actors in the world. Time will run faster than you think and boredom will not appear at home while this function lasts. A good option is to perform this activity with guiñoles in a scenario built by hand.

3. Crafts. Good option that will also enhance fine motor skills. Building from scratch products that can be used on a daily basis and that these carry printed part of our personality and the memory of an afternoon as a family are two reasons to opt for this possibility.

4. Search for a treasure. Turn your house into the treasure-hunting scene and fill your home with clues that guide the little ones towards this hidden reward. An original option that is sure to entertain and create situations that everyone will remember with a smile in their mouths.

5. Read a story. Gathering all family members around a storyteller and reading one or more stories is a good option. Let your imagination fly or make a small representation with puppets will turn the living room into another world that will hardly remember the four walls that we are so accustomed to see.

Damián Huntsman


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