Educate in social skills: key to success

In the development of children, social skills they play an important role. Lacking them can be a cause of social problems both in childhood and in adulthood. Putting into practice skilful behaviors to grow in social skills will help your children not to have problems to relate with others.

As parents we want our children to be able to adapt to the circumstances that they have to live, both at school, where besides being interested in academic results we also emphasize how they relate to classmates, if accepted, if they participate in class and in games, etc. as outside the educational environment, where we teach them to be educated, respectful of others, kind, etc.

How many times has our son come saying that his classmate has hit him? or what has not allowed him to play? or what has taken the toy? Moreover, how many times has your child been accused of all these behaviors? If these behaviors are repetitive, something is failing in the socialization of children. Luckily, as parents we can teach you the necessary skills so that you know how to act in the best possible way. These skills are known as social skills.

What are social abilities?

By social skills we understand the set of behaviors as expressing feelings, attitudes, desires, opinions issued by a person within an interpersonal context in a way appropriate to the situation, respecting those behaviors in others and that generally helps to resolve the difficulties of the situation to the that we face. All this repertoire of behaviors makes people develop effectively in the social field.

In the infant stage, the development of social skills It is of vital importance since it helps children to adapt adequately to their environment, interacting effectively with their peers and friends, learning to express their emotions, their thoughts and opinions and respecting those of others, in addition to providing them the necessary tools to be able to function in the future as adults.

What are the dangers of lacking social skills?

If they do not develop properly, social skills In the early stages of development, children can end up becoming adults with problems when interacting with others. Some difficulties that can be found are;

- Difficulties at school. The discomfort generated by not having a good relationship in school, with peers, can influence their academic performance.

- Rejection of his colleagues. By not knowing how to relate correctly can generate that others do not want to be with him, which will result in low self-esteem in the child.

- Problems to express yourself. If they do not adequately develop the skilful behaviors in the social field they will have difficulties when it comes to expressing what they want and what they do not, what they think or feel.

- Relationship problems. They can become extremely shy, introverted children with great difficulties in making friends.

How can we enhance these skills in children?

Throughout childhood and adolescence are formed the necessary skills to function in the social environment, as parents we can help the youngest to promote skillful behaviors that allow them to interact in a healthy way in the future. Some guidelines we can follow to educate in social skills are the following:

1. Create moments. Involve your child in different social situations and encourage him to participate, in this way he will lose the fear of facing new situations and learning to handle himself.

2. It promotes your self-esteem. Helping them to have a positive image of themselves will affect their relationships and the way they face complicated situations respecting themselves and others.

3. Teach them. Since they are small we can teach them behaviors like greeting someone, giving our opinions, showing affection, saying no ... "Be their example." Children learn from what they see, listen to them and talk to them, in this way you foster their empathy, that they see in you an example of respect and tolerance towards them and others.

Rocío Navarro Psychologist Director of Psicolari, integral psychology

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