Children with emotional intelligence: the real success

Study after study shows that Children with emotional intelligence they are happier, more confident and more successful; and this ability will help them to be responsible, attentive and productive adults. But, How to develop your emotional coefficient? Through education, parents can develop a mature and balanced personality: it will be this intelligence that makes them succeed in life

What defines the intelligence of the children?

You have to know that the IQ only contributes 20% of the factors that determine success, which means that the remaining 80% depends on other causes ...

Until a few years ago everything was clearer because an intelligent child was the one who gave high results in the tests of logic, mathematics, vocabulary, abstract reasoning ... However, for a time this part is increasingly questioned this type of coefficient intellectual, because it does not serve to capture another rich variety of skills such as self-esteem, the relationship with others, empathy, self-control, perseverance ...

It is not difficult to prove in many cases that people with prodigious minds fail in other areas of their lives, or even people with a very high IQ are lousy rulers of their lives. Who can say that a high level of logical-mathematical knowledge leads to success in life? Rather, and this is what numerous studies have shown, the CI only contributes 20% of the factors that determine success, which means that the remaining 80% depends on other causes ...

The true success of emotional intelligence

What are those causes? The concept of intelligence and emotional coefficient emerges with increasing force. Daniel Goleman, author of the world best seller Emotional Intelligence, says: "Success depends on a set of skills or abilities among which stand out: perseverance, the ability to interpret and control emotions, the ability to also focus on work, be able to look around and know better to his colleagues, develop an adequate self-esteem and personal self-control and, even, smile at the right moment ".

Our children are at the moment of developing their emotional capacities that have a lot to do with the education they receive at home, and not so much with the genetic inheritance. At present, we know that it is possible to educate emotional intelligence and each time we value more those personal skills that help children to lead a happy life in most areas: relationship, work, training ...

Emotional intelligence, when does it acquire the importance it has?

The term "emotional intelligence"was first used in 1990 by psychologists Peter Salovey of Harvard University and John Mayer of the University of New Hampshire Emotional intelligence was used to describe the emotional qualities that seem to be important for success, such as:

· Empathy
· The expression and understanding of feelings.
· The control of our genius.
· The independence.
· The ability to adapt.
· Sympathy.
· The ability to solve problems interpersonally.
· Persistence
· The cordiality.
· Kindness
· Respect.

Studies show that the same emotional abilities that make a child an enthusiastic student by his teacher or appreciated by his friends on the playground will also help him in twenty years of work or marriage. Having a high emotional coefficient (EC) is at least as important as having a high IQ.

The little things

To get our children to have an adequate emotional intelligence-union of a well-worked CI and a harmonious CE- they need us to believe deeply in them, although now it is difficult for them to read and write, even if they are not the first in the class, even if they are At the moment, a little messed up ... We have to look at them with deep affection, with hope in them and in their future and be able to tell them, because we are convinced of that.

Any habit costs a lot of effort to acquire and strengthen it and sometimes we do not have all the time we would like to develop those emotional skills in our children. What can we do? Discover that with normal and normal means, with the easiest situations, like a smile, we can help our children, if we do not waste small opportunities.

Ricardo Regidor
Advice: Amparo Catret Mascarell. Responsible for areas of coordination, promotion and teacher training Guadalaviar College.

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