The revalidation, in the air, in what situation are the students?

The revalidations They have occupied many headlines since it was known that this was going to be the new method by which students of Compulsory Secondary Education, ESO, would pass to Baccalaureate and by which, in turn, those belonging to these courses would get their degree to opt for Higher education However, finally the Government has left in the air These tests will definitely not be done in this course. His return depends on future negotiations with political groups.

In this context, it is worth asking, what will be the criterion What will be done to grant these titles from now on? Will they continue to be applied as an entrance examination to the university? In short, what effects will this announcement have for the students and in what situation will they stay?

Revalidated to access the university

The revalidations they will only be kept as evidence to determine access or not to the university. A test similar to the PAU (university entrance exams, the so-called Selectividad) that until now have determined whether a student has the appropriate level to access a higher education. In the case of students who only want the baccalaureate degree they will not have to take any test to get it and it will be enough to pass the two courses of this stage to obtain it.

As for the tests that will determine this revalidation to access the university, they have not been disclosed yet and will be worked by the new Executive appointed by the president Mariano Rajoy. In addition there must still be a meeting of the Conference of Rectors to determine a model common to all the autonomous communities of Spain.

For the time being, this exam for access to selectivity is maintained, the extent to which students will have to examine subjects both first and second year of baccalaureate, while until now they only had to do it in the last academic year of this level.


Average between revalidation and academic record

To determine the grade with which the student can access a university degree, a 40% the grade obtained in the entrance exam and a 60% the academic record. In order to consider this test approved before accessing higher education, a score higher than five between both weights will have to be obtained.

The future of the revalidation

This suspension of the revalidation is not final but remains pending the subsequent debate. In the future it is possible that they return after reaching the educational pact and promulgate a new Law in this area. A matter that can be extended over time more than expected by the Government itself who believes that this could occur in about six months. In any case, this course will not be revalidated.

Damián Montero

Video: IR(R) Revalidation Test

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