Bullying teachers, when the victim is the authority

Most headlines about bullying focus on cases where both victims and executioners are children. But there are situations where they are the teachers who suffer from this violence, a conflict where it is the authority that is supposed to end bullying, who suffers it.

Absence of authority: bullying teachers

One of the clearest forms of school bullying against teachers it is the case of the student who only bothers in class. The one who always answers badly and even dares to insult the teacher knowing that at the most he will receive a visit to the director's office to justify his expulsion from the center.

In these cases what is produced is the withdrawal of the authority to the teacher, who in the classroom can not really do anything to avoid this attitude except to inform the authorities from the center to assess a punishment such as expulsion. The student sees himself with the ability to control the classroom knowing that he is above the teacher.


Stress in the teacher: cases of harassment

It is true that in a few cases there is a physical aggression towards the teacher, however, they provoke consequences of order psychic in your health. Teachers who face these episodes accumulate high levels of stress that cause them to lack of sleep and a constant state of tension that makes it difficult for them to lead a normal life.

In some cases this frustration leads them to suffer from depression because they feel that they are not able to control the classroom where they teach class, something for which they should supposedly be prepared. Nothing sinks more than feeling the labor failure day to day. A disappointment that arises from the feeling of absence of authority within the school.

Responsibility of parents in bullying

The role of parents as primary educators is key to avoid bullying teachers. As in any other case of bullying, parents should teach their children to respect other people, to maintain a good behavior and never use violence, physical or verbal, to conquer its ends. In the case of teachers, it is possible for a child to resort to these actions because he feels frustrated by the treatment of him.

In these cases, parents should teach their children that there other ways to solve this issue better than violence. Dialogue must always mediate and in the first place a student who feels bad treatment on the part of the teacher, must first let their parents know so that they can inform the school.

Respect for authority must always be present in education. Parents should make their children understand that they have to follow rules as much as this sometimes prevents them from getting away with it. In class, the teacher is the one in charge, and you have to obey if you say that you do not eat in class or do not use your mobile phone.

Damián Montero

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