Seats for bathtubs: the danger of trusting

Although a priori they may seem like a great help when it comes to washing babies, seats for bathtubs they involve more risks than they appear. It is true that they help the child to be subject during this activity, however they can cause numerous accidents with risk of drowning of the child.

Many parents think that seating They will keep children fixed even in their absence so they leave their babies alone in a few moments. And that's where accidents can occur that, in a bathtub, have serious consequences.

Where does the risk of drowning reside?

The seats for bathtubs have some dangerous elements and also generate negligent behavior in some parents who conceive them as a product safer of what it is:

- Numerous of these products have a base of three or four legs, with suckers that stick to the bathtub. But these elements can stop being attached without warning and dump the child. In addition, the baby can squeeze through the leg hole and get trapped in the water.

- Parents usually fill the tub more if they use one of these seats because the baby is higher.

- Some parents or caregivers leave for a moment to attend another task and leave the baby alone. This can slip or get stuck in the seat, dying drowned.

Recommendations to buy

Pediatricians do not recommend buying this type of product from parents. However for those parents who decide to take one, here are some tips that should be taken into account:

- Safety depends on the design and the caregivers. The risk of drowning due to lack of vigilance can not be avoided by buying a model according to the regulations.

- If the ring has lower suction cups, it must be ensured that the grip is Right and ensure that in case it fails, go to take the child out of the water.

- Make sure that the person in charge of bathing the child is aware that he / she must be in constant contact with the small one, when bath seats are used.

- Keep the child always within reach. In case it is necessary to leave the bathroom to answer the phone or open the door, you have to take the child.

Damián Montero

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