Pediatricians warn about the dangers of new technologies

A cell phone and a child, what could go wrong? Well, unfortunately, much. This is warned by pediatricians, who claim that the dangers of new technologies they are one of the challenges of social pediatrics due to the increase in the pathologies that children suffer from abusing these tools.

Pediatricians have shown this during the National Congress of the Spanish Pediatric Society. In it, the doctor Antonio Gancedo has shown several pathologies related to the addiction to new technologies in children and has recalled a maxim: children under two years should not have contact with the screens. From this age and up to 12 years what experts recommend is an exposure not greater than two hours and, from there, try to make the children responsible use.

The example of the parents

As in all that concerns the education of children, the example of parents in the field of new technologies is essential. This was also said by this expert, who has put on the table that pediatricians begin to detect adults with problems of addictions to these tools. These seniors are also transmitting very dangerous habits to their children. At this point, the Gancedo has pointed out pediatric consultations as the ideal place to educate families on good digital habits.

Another worrying point about new technologies and minors refers to the crimes that are committed through them. On this has alerted, in the same space, the captain of the Civil Guard Carlos Igual, who has ensured that minors are the ones who suffer the most sexual crimes in these spaces and, in addition, those who commit them the most.

Crimes in networks

"Minors should be aware of the criminal responsibility that involves harassing the network, stealing social profiles and invading the privacy of others, "the pediatricians ask through a statement, the profile of both the delinquents and the victims has changed, they say, now adolescents from normal families predominate. without economic problems and the victims are mostly girls.

At this point, the experts talked about how to combat cyberbullying and set the example of the United States, a country that has been fighting against these actions for many years. Experts advise parents to educate their children so they do not talk about sex on the Internet, let alone someone they do not know physically. The last recommendation of the Civil Guard is clear: that minors never go alone to an appointment with a contact that is not known in person.

Damián Montero

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