Take advantage of the weekend for family life

From Monday to Friday he plays early, pick up the children from school, make the purchase, prepare the meals of the day and go to bed, that morning the alarm clock sounds early. A rhythm of life that sometimes does not provide facilities to relax and that on the weekend puts its hopes to find calm before so much stress.

However, on many occasions these two days they are not used for this purpose. Many parents are forced to take advantage of the weekend to catch up on other pending tasks such as cleaning the house or other arrangements that have not been done before. This ends up causing the adults not to find rest and finish with a work schedule. seven days a week. But, above all, they have not found a way to make the most of the time for the family. And this should be the priority in our agendas.

Planning is the key

You have to know how to disconnect. That does not mean doing nothing, do something different. Finding the moment of disconnection depends on the planning that is done throughout the week as well as on Saturday and Sunday:

- Things to do. When the week starts, create a list of things to do and keep it in mind. This way, from Monday to Friday, you can do some of these duties and earn some free time on Saturdays and Sundays.

- Take advantage of downtime. The return of work can be the perfect occasion to make the purchase of the week or any other management that is on the way home. Downtimes can help more than you think.

- Better away from home. Many parents understand the weekend as an occasion to stay at home and rest in it. A serious error since with this they only perform a sedentary activity that does not make them disconnect. It is always better to go for a walk and relax.

- Improviser. Having an agenda is good during the week, to fulfill obligations and responsibilities. But on Saturday and Sunday the best thing is to improvise, that everyone in the family say what they want and finally decide.

Everyone helps

Many parents do not find the time to rest on the weekend because the household chores have accumulated. It is logical if one takes into account that a person can not cover everything. Throughout the week everyone in the home they have to contribute their bit as much as possible so that on Saturday and Sunday they can rest.

Children can help by keeping picked up his room every day, picking up the table, helping his parents in the kitchen, sweeping, etc. This will make the distribution of tasks allow that on Saturday and Sunday there is nothing left and the activity decided to take all the time of these days of rest.

Damián Montero


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