Makeup, selfies and heels; the danger of childhood cut out

Everything at your age and every age with your things. A maxim that is not always fulfilled, especially in the smallest of the house, who are usually pressured by mature before time. TV ads, influence of your friends and classmates, television programs; These are just some of the means by which a child understands that he must be an adult without having the age for it.

This means that the childhood of many children is cut off and they do not enjoy this stage of their life. And what is worse, they do not develop as they should so when they reach adulthood they have not fulfilled all the phases of growth. It is up to parents to ensure that their children behave according to what is required of a person in a given period of their life.

Mom, dad, can I put on makeup?

The makeup it is one of the elements where this premature growth stands out most. Although both boys and girls are pressured by many sectors to mature ahead of time, it is the latter that are most affected by harmful messages It is not unusual to see minors excessively painted on television and wearing clothes that do not fit his age.

The circle of friends of a girl also affects a lot in this regard. If everyone in the group they start to make up, the child may feel displaced in a certain way not accepted. From here arises one of the questions that is increasingly common among the daughters of many mothers: "Dad, mom, can I put on makeup to go to school." A question that should alert adults.

Cropped childhood, danger for development

Many experts say that one of the results of this cut out childhood it is that stages like the one of the symbolic game, that before arrived until the 12 years, now finalizes around the seven or eight. Today's children see it as something "small" to practice these activities that they should actually be doing. Instead They prefer to behave as adults.

A great danger since the pediatricians warn that with this loss, the development of thecreativity and imagination in the little ones. The specialists, at the same time, warn that this cut out childhood not only manifested through makeup or adult clothing, also the use of devices such as smartphones and tablets instead of the typical games of their age, make them lose this important stage of their lives.

The example of the parents

Against the influence of the media and the circle of friends, we must use the reference that parents assume for the little ones. Children learn from their parents by imitation, something that adults must take advantage of to combat the cut of childhood. The best thing is always to monitor the attitude of the minors and if for example it is proven that he imitates the mother putting on makeup, explain that these products are something older and that he still can not use.

Parents should also watch over their children do children's activities. In this way, whenever possible, spaces such as weekends should be used to encourage these behaviors by going to the park to play, doing crafts at home. Always make sure that the content that children see is adequate.

Those should be avoided television contests that show excessively sexualized children and acting like adults or those where the minors behave like stars on the stage. At this point not only will monitor the contents of the television as the smallest increasingly consume more products through platforms such as YouTube.

Damián Montero

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