My child has stopped eating, what's the matter, doctor?

Nothing bothers parents more than the alteration of a routine until the normal date. Suddenly the child stops doing something that until now he did with complete peace of mind is a reason why the parents feel anguished.

An example is that child who suddenly stop eating or he does not do it with the same enthusiasm as at the beginning. In these occasions the first thing that tends to think is that some disease is what has caused this situation. However, pediatricians reassure parents and affirm that the fact that the appetite disappears In preschool children it is quite usual.

Appetite reduction

If the child eats with less desire in the preschool age It is because their nutritional needs have been reduced. Now the child no longer grows at the same speed as before, so neither should he eat the same as when he was younger. The reduction of this speed causes your appetite to also decrease, which is why you reject the same amounts of food that you previously took.

In addition, growth does not occur at the same speed always and it is possible that in some situations their needs are different from those of other times. For this reason these phases have to be respected and not force them to eat amounts they do not want to take.

However, there are other attitudes that should be corrected in this age related to food. From the age of two, the little ones feel the need to playAnd they can not stand so much sitting at the table. In these situations you have to remind them of the importance of eating and that later they will have a good time, but now it's time to eat.

They know what they like

Another reason why a child suddenly stops eating is that about two years you already know what they like and what they do not. Here parents have a great responsibility because they must always watch over lead by example and show their children that they eat everything. Adults should never show their rejection of a food in front of the smallest, unless there is an allergy.

The best way to teach that you have to eat everything is to be a reference. Make sure there is a table nutritious and varied menu. However, there are times when children show their rejection of food and even cause tantrums in order not to eat them. In these moments you have to be firm and make sure that the child assimilates that you have to take this diet.

Lunch time

In order to establish good Feeding Habits In the smallest, the parents remember several points that should be taken into account at the time of the meal:

-Explain to the child that the body, in order to grow, needs a Variety feeding.

-Establish a daily routine in terms of schedules and simple rules at the table. Setting the same time is a great help.

-It is always recommended eat in family so that the child sees good references at a nutritional level in his house. If the parents eat vegetables, he will assimilate that this is good.

-If it is not due to the child's whim, it is necessary to trust your appetite of most children since this is enough to meet their needs. The amount must always be decided by the child, according to his appetite and needs, and not the adults.

-Respect the likes of the child for food within reason: you do not need to "eat everything" from 2 years, but take some food from each group: fruit, vegetables, etc. Little by little, new foods will be released and the child will be encouraged to try them.

-Encourage the autonomy. After two years they can eat alone, even if they are stained, which will help them to gradually learn the rules at the table.

-The menu is chosen by parents, and it is important not to change it in the face of the child's refusal to eat because he would learn that, after his complaints, he decides what he wants to eat. Take into account their advice is one thing and another adapt to your tastes

-Television and prohibited distractions since this entails that the child does not develop control over what he eats, and can ingest more than he needs.

Damián Montero

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