Online purchases grow 26% in Spanish homes

Go shopping from the couch at home, look for a new backpack for our son, choose a jersey with an interesting discount. New technologies make life much easier for households and in Spain we have taken good note.

This is determined by the study prepared by the consultancy Kantar Worldpanel which figures in a 26% increase of the transactions made through Internet in comparison with the data of 2015. So far in 2016 sales through the network have already generated a total of 533 million euros.

One in three households has already purchased on the network

The expansion of purchases through these platforms is a fact. In fact, one out of every three hours in Spain has already acquired a product of Great Consumption through any of these webs and the vast majority of this percentage has repeated this experience at least once.

In total, the number of households that have joined the online purchase has grown by 26% compared to 2015. The idea is that this percentage increases in the future with the maturity of the new generations that better dominate new technologies and see this form of acquiring products faster and more conveniently, a risk for those who can become addicted to purchases. Although currently only one of four online shoppers are under 35 years.

The basket of the online purchase

At least 70% of purchases made on the internet are dedicated to baskets with nine or more products inside. That is, households prefer to acquire almost all products at one sitting when making these transactions. It is common for the list of items to combine essential products such as milk, water, toilet paper; with others such as those of Cosmetics and perfumes.

In total there are 3.7 million homes those who have joined the purchase through the internet in our country. These families spend approximately 145 euros with each transaction.

Advantages of shopping online

Online purchases are becoming increasingly attractive for various reasons. The first of these is that these transactions are faster and more comfortable for users, allowing them to spend more time going to the supermarket after a hard day. Also, before purchasing a product, you can always learn about other people's experience.

A point very important especially when it comes to purchasing products such as clothing since other buyers can talk about the length of the fabric, how the garments are after the washings. You can even compare these products with those of other vendors to see what experiences the product is giving.

In addition, the purchase of the Internet is cheaper since it does not require a physical infrastructure or personnel such as cashiers or replenishment, so the absence of these costs has a positive effect on the users pocket. But these online transactions also have some disadvantages such as lack of real experience with the product.

Despite all the available stories and valuations of a product, not all people will give the same use or have the same standards to assess their quality. In addition, the return policies they are usually more complicated in the absence of a natural person with whom to deal directly.

Damián Montero

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