Stress and physical effort, perfect cocktail for a heart attack

Get up early, have a quick breakfast, fix the children, get into a traffic jam, work eight hours and more, take care of the children, return home and catch up on domestic chores. A rhythm of life that puts us to the limit and that significantly increases new levels of stress. This fact, combined with the effort made, means that the risk of heart attack increase.

So says a study of the American Heart Association who has proven that stress combined with physical effort makes a perfect mix to have a heart attack.

Up to three times more likely

This organism warns that stress and anger make the probability of suffering a heart attack doubles, or at least suffer the symptom of this heart attack. The same figures are given in those people who make a physical effort beyond their means, that is, they do not get enough sleep and work more hours than recommended.

If both elements are added, physical effort and stress, the risk of suffering a heart attack or its symptoms, triples. We are taking the body to the limit and, when it is exceeded, the heart problems appear. This has been determined by a study conducted by this agency where the cases of 12,461 people who suffered a heart attack for the first time.

As dangerous as tobacco

These participants were asked about the moments before suffering a heart attack: what activity they were doing An hour before, how he was doing that day and if they had felt stress or had made a great physical effort before the heart attack. Most of them answered affirmatively and both factors increased the chances of suffering one of these ailments independently of other circumstances as if the person was a smoker, habitual or obese drinker.

In other words, stress and physical exertion are as dangerous as smoking or obesity. "Both, physical effort and stress, increase blood pressure and the number of beats, this changes the circulatory rhythm and it causes that the quantity of blood that arrives at the heart is smaller ", explains Andrew Smyth, leader of this study.

Prevent heart attack

Given this scenario, there is only work to avoid the risk of suffering a heart attack. Everyone can work together because the pace of life is calmer of doors inside. If both at home and at work stress is the predominant note, once you get home, the whole family can bet on keeping calm and avoiding the screams and haste.

The weekend can be the perfect occasion to implement some measures such as a family outing to escape, sports or outdoor life. Every day you have to get a quiet time with your family, for example, at dinner time.

Damián Montero

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