The tablet is the device most used by children

The digital tablet is the mobile device that children under 5 years of age use independently. Mainly, children use the tablet for entertainment such as watching cartoon series, videos or playing games. To a lesser extent, and although its use is increasingly common in schools, it is used for educational purposes such as reading or doing homework.

A study carried out by the Autonomous Universities of Madrid and Barcelona has revealed that the use of the digital tablet and television autonomously by children, under the rules established by adults. The project "Children (0-8) and digital technology", coordinated by Cristina Aliagas (Autonomous University of Barcelona) and David Poveda (Autonomous University of Madrid) at the state level, and by Stephane Chaudron at European level, which involved 70 families of 6 European countries, also suggests that mobile phones and computers, which require adult supervision, are the least used by children.

Through intuitive devices like the tablet, children learn on their own to use digital media. However, since at an early age they still need help installing and configuring devices, parents can fully control what is installed on them and what content they have access to.

Audiovisual content: access through the tablet

YouTube is the preferred channel for children to watch their favorite audiovisual content on digital devices. A survey conducted by Hero Baby, on the occasion of the development of the animated series Nano Adventures, to the followers of his Facebook page about the consumption of cartoons has revealed that although most children see drawings on television in a 93 percent, the 61% of children under 5 years of age also consume these contents on the tablet, and 23% on the smartphone. Only 10% use the computer.

If we observe this in the group of children under 2 years of age, we can see that 88% of the children watch the series of cartoons on television, while 55% already use the tablet and the smartphone. It does not reach 1% those who do it on the computer.

Regarding the time children spend watching animated series, the survey reveals that 64% of children under 5 see more than 1 hour a day this type of audiovisual content. 4% do not usually see series of drawings, 31% do less than 1 hour a day, 54% do it between 1 and 2 hours, and 12% do more than two hours a day.

Tips to control the use of the tablet by children

Helena Figuerola, psychologist and coach specialist in aid and growth processes for children and families, who has participated in the development of the series of drawings Nano Adventures, states that "the use of tablets and mobile phones has become a resource for families with children, because with them difficult situations are controlled, besides the motivation of the children is very high ".

According to this psychologist, parents must counteract the three risks of using technology in these ages:

1. Control the times. A child can not be more than an hour and a half a day counted all the screens.

2. Know and control the contents so that they are appropriate to the age of the children.

3. Be with them in some moments. This prevents introversion. In addition, parents will have the opportunity to show that they are interested in what they see or play and can participate or talk about it.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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