Guide to end bad behavior in children

It has been misbehaved. Should we punish him, reprimand him or let him go hoping that this behavior disappears alone? The Spanish Association of Pediatrics, AEP, has developed a small guide for parents in order to help them understand this behavior in their children. A compendium that explains why their children act like this and what is the formula to end it.

The opposite of what we ask

"Do not use this toy until you finish your tasks", and after five minutes the child has forgotten his obligations and is delivered to leisure. A very common situation in homes that frustrates many parents who ask themselves, why has my son done the exact opposite of what I have told him?

Parents in these situations must go beyond misbehavior and try to understand the root of their children's behavior to stop it. It is possible that this attitude is responsible for fatigue or a state of nervousness. According to the AEP, it is best to sit down with the child and ask him / her why he / she has acted like this and if something happens to him / her. Show him that although his way of proceeding is disapproved, he has our affection and understanding to try to solve his problems.

How to eliminate bad behavior

The first thing parents should do is redirect the attention of the children to performances worthy of praise from the parents. For it praise the little one When you wear it well it is very important.

If, for example, parents want him to behave better with his peers, when he sees that the child shares a toy with another, he can be told "I love what you just said, what a good friend are you"Words that must be accompanied by an equal body expression, that is, a smile and a hug to indicate to the child that his father is happy.

It is also good to show the child that what he thinks matters to adults. What is it One more of the family. Making him a participant in household decisions such as going to the movies will prevent him from claiming attention through bad behavior.

Children imitate

It is also important according to AEP the way in which parents address their children. It is always better to maintain a serene attitude and speak in a normal tone to the little ones. Some adults become hysterical in these cases and all they can do is increase the tension of these situations. For example, if you see a child hitting another, it is best to set him aside quickly and explain why he is doing wrong and if he has any problem that has led him to act like that.

So the child will understand what to behave in a calm way It is the best way to proceed. Putting the scream in the sky only teaches the child that you have to lose your papers in situations of tension. We must remember that children see a clear reference in their parents and imitate the same behaviors that they think is the best way to proceed.

Firmness first of all

It is one thing to stay calm and another to make the child think that nothing has happened. Parents are due hold firm when it comes to stopping these behaviors. With seriousness and calmness, the child must be explained that what he has done is wrong and that it is a behavior that will not be accepted in the future.

The child must understand that although he has in his parents support To which to transmit their problems, fears and concerns, their behavior will not be accepted anymore.

Damián Montero

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