Series of drawings that our children can see

A time of cartoons, always selected and in moderation, can be beneficial for young children because it enhances skills such as language. Choosing the most appropriate content is the responsibility of the parents. We offer some series with which we can rest easy:

1. Juan and Tolola. Simple and friendly series that tells us the adventures that two brothers live every day. Stories in which there is always a moral and in which there is always something clear: the help between family members is the best when it comes to solving problems.

2. The little Bill. Bill is a young man of five who, like every child, has a need: to discover the world around him. For this you will receive help from both your family and friends. An important lesson about how friendship and family can help us achieve our goals.

3. Peppa Pig. Peppa is a young piglet who has many concerns and a slightly impulsive character, which will sometimes lead her to encounter some problems that she can not understand. To find the solution to these issues, he always finds the help of his parents, his friends and even his little brother.

4. The little kingdom of Ben and Holly. This series tells the adventures of Princess Holly and her friend, the goblin Ben. In these stories the protagonists will have to join forces to achieve their goals because on the one hand Holly knows how to do magic but is not good at building things, unlike Ben, who for his part does not know how to perform any spells.

5. Jelly Jam. A group of friends will face a series of problems in each episode. To get out of this quagmire they will have to join forces and complement each other. A story where there is always a lesson to be learned and that will teach the little ones the benefits of teamwork.

Damián Montero

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