Tricks to get children to wash their hands

Hygiene is one of the most important teachings that we must transmit to our children. And the key to achieving it is habit, repetition. .

Handwashing It will be his first autonomous foray into the world of hygiene. And we will manage to keep a good number of pathogens away.

Techniques to teach hygiene in the hands

The first step will be to teach the child the need to maintain this habit of hygiene to prevent future diseases. Children must understand that if they do not wash your hands They can usually have an infection that prevents them from going out and playing with their friends. Instilling them with this habit as a form of prevention will be a good start.

Afterwards we will have to make things easy for him, such as providing them with a stool with which they arrive at the tap where they will wash their hands. It will have to be ensured that this surface can not cause fall of the child . It will also be necessary to leave the soap in an area where he can reach it and ensure that the bottle that contains it can not open and spill the liquid.

It will also be convenient to leave a towel at your fingertips so that when you finish you can dry your hands without any problem. It is advisable to teach the little ones to regulate the temperature of the water with which you are going to wash your hands because sometimes you can burn them if it is too hot or rinse badly if it is too cold.

Of course, you always have to lead by example and parents should show their children that they wash their hands too. With this practice, children also see that adults perform this hygiene work, they will also learn the correct way to do it.

At what times you should wash your hands

Another thing that should be taught to the child when washing their hands is when they should do it. Many children only perform this action before each meal, however parents should ensure that their children perform this task in the following situations:

- Before and after each meal. Not only do you have to wash your hands before every meal to eliminate bacteria, when leaving the table you also have to perform this task to clean the dirt generated in the food intake.

- Sneeze and cough. If the child's hand has been in contact with your mouth after coughing or sneezing, you should make sure that you wash your hands to eliminate the bacteria expelled.

- Go to the service. After doing their needs, the child should wash their hands to clean any dirt produced from their contact with their genitals or urine.

- After playing. No matter how clean the toys are, it is possible that plastic remains have remained in the hands of the children. After playing, you always have to wash your hands to avoid bigger problems.

- Back home. Whenever you leave the house, when you return you have to wash your hands. This part of the body will have been in contact with multiple surfaces full of germs that should be removed with soap and water.

- Contact with a pet. As with toys, no matter how clean a pet is, its hair can always contain bacteria and germs that can put the child's health at risk. Whenever you play with your pet or that of any acquaintance, it will be necessary to ensure that your hands are clean before you put them in your mouth.

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