40% of children between 9 and 13 have a profile in social networks

When do the children begin to interact in social networks? According to a study carried out by the company Mosan, it is towards 9 years when they start using the internet. In addition, by age 11, almost all minors already have a mobile phone with the ability to access the internet.

Profiles in social networks

Although the average age to create a profile in social networks It is situated in 14 years, approximately 40% of minors between 9 and 13 years They already have an account on these pages. And many times it escapes parental control.

As Mosan points out, young boys They know how to manage social networks better than their parents. That does not mean that they make good use, they just know how to handle them better. It is possible that children are facing a situation that they can not control due to lack of maturity.

Increase in internet fraud

Mosan warns that the proliferation of profiles among young people is also related to the increase in crimes and fraud committed on the internet. This entity also warns of the rise in the number of cases of 'grooming', that is, the harassment that an adult carries out against a minor and that has been favored by the anonymity offered by social networks.

For this reason it is especially necessary that parents know the activity that their children do online and the use they give to new technologies. Do not restrict access to this world, but you have to monitor the places you access as they may encounter false profiles.

The answer lies in education

As this study indicates, the best way to prevent these cases is educate. The new generations can not be prevented from controlling these technologies better than the previous ones, but they can be made to make good use of them through education and training for a good praxis.

The fundamental thing in these cases is to warn of the dangers that may occur on the internet and what is possible to find on the network. You have to let them know that private data They are not shared on this platform and you have to respect rules such as the minimum age to access social networks.

In the case that children have the appropriate age to open a profile in social networks, you should also teach the critical spirit as follows:

- Parental control. As children get older, they can not control their conversations and messages, but it is advisable to ask who they are with and who their contacts are. When they are smaller, it is good to supervise the activity and enter their profile, especially during their first days of use. This may be the best way to avoid a problem that can become more complicated without this measure.

- Hours and limits to use of teenagers from social networks. It is important that parents check that they do not connect during study time or during family reunion. You also have to make sure that these platforms do not become the only way to socialize.

- Accompany at the start. Create your own profile and add your children to your children is very useful to check the proper use of these platforms. It is also good to sit by his side when surfing the net.

Damián Montero

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