What my pre-teen son should know how to do

As they get older, our children will have to assume new roles at home. Around 9 or 10 years old, these are some of the daily Homeworks that they should be able to do for themselves.

8 skills that preteens should do well

1. Make the bed. Every preadolescent should know that before going to school one of the essential tasks is to make the bed to leave your room tidy and thus contribute to the proper functioning of the home. Children should understand that it is not worth postponing this activity for when they return from school, but that it should be done as soon as possible.

2. Save. Pre-teens must understand the value of money and that everyone they receive can not be spent automatically. Instilling them with the need to save for the future will help them understand how the family economy works and be more responsible when buying. A good way to teach them how to administer is by establishing a small weekly pay.

3. Prepare a simple meal. If we teach you how to handle cooking utensils skillfully from a young age, there is no problem for a preteen to prepare a simple meal. Sometimes we are overwhelmed with the risk they run with a knife in their hand, when it is more dangerous for their life to go untied in the car or surf the Internet without criteria.

4. Orient. One of the best ways to promote autonomy is for the child to learn where he or she is going and how to get oriented. A good way to instill this skill is to play the "treasure hunt" using a map. At the beginning, one of the neighborhood where he lives will be enough to learn the streets, then this activity can be extended to the whole city so that he learns for example the transport system.

5. Organize your time. Children must learn to manage their agenda since as they get older, parents will not be the ones to remind them to study or any other responsibility. Knowing how to organize the afternoon differentiating between play and homework is the best way to start.

6. Fold clean clothes. One of the best ways to encourage organization in preadolescents is to teach them to fold clothes. A good way to do this is for children to collaborate during ironing. The child will double it and place it in its corresponding place.

7. Clean. The broom, the mop and the vacuum cleaner are much less complicated gadgets to handle than the Smartphone and the tablet. We should not be afraid to make them participate in domestic tasks that result in the benefit of the whole family.

8. Manage your backpack. Many parents should be vigilant to make sure their children do not forget anything for school. However, it is the preadolescent who has to assume these responsibilities and check his backpack every night and ensure that all the material he needs the next day is inside.


Promote the autonomy of pre-teens

To get pre-teens to do all these activities, parents can help their children as follows:

- Patience. The great achievements are not achieved in a day and at the beginning will have to be on top of the children to achieve the objectives.

- No criticism. If the child does not do the work or does it in a bad way, it is not necessary to criticize him, but to advise him so that he does not return when repeating.

- Encourage him to excel and that every time he makes these tasks better. Motivation is a better tool than scolding.

- Values ​​your initiatives. If the child asks if he can take on new tasks or wants to do them in another way, keep these opinions in mind.

- Reward and value your achievements. If you see that your parents recognize your work, you will feel more motivated to repeat it.

- Trust him. As time passes you should not ask so much if you have done any activity and trust that you have done it without a father's reminder.

Damián Montero

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