Lack of business commitment with paternity leave

We are still far from extending the practice of the request of the paternity leave that the legislation recognizes. According to the 2016 Nursery and Family Study, the companies continue to consider in a majority way that the care of the newborn rests on the woman and does not enhance the concession of the two weeks of paternal leave stipulated.

69% would stop working

According to this study, the fact that fewer parents are involved in the upbringing of their children is not due to a lack of intentionality. This work states that 69% of the men who were surveyed they would stop working to devote full time to taking care of children, percentage that exceeds by little to the mothers surveyed who would carry out this action, 66%.

The problem comes when the parents decide to ask at work for a permission in the first weeks after delivery. The report shows that applying for paternity leave can have implications for the worker when participating in future projects or positions of greater responsibility. In addition, it still awakens reluctance among colleagues.

Difference in permits

Although the legislation has improved, parental leave is still reduced to 15 days. A time that is too low if the important role of the father is taken into account both in the recovery of the mother and in the child cares after delivery.

There is a possibility that parents may have more time, although this option is not easy for them either. In this case, he should share with the mother the time of his discharge. Only the 1,8% of the parents enjoyed some of the ten weeks the Law allows mothers give up their own low of maternity to men.

#Papiconcilia and other initiatives

Civil society tries to promote the idea that conciliation is also for parents. For this, initiatives such as the free #Papiconcilia book that shows 46 stories of parents who can not enjoy time with their children because of work.

Parent stories that "they do not want to be spectators and that they want to be actors "of the care of their children, men who feel the need to spend time with children but unfortunately their work prevents it, so they end up moving away in a certain way from the minors.

Others, such as the Platform for Equal and Untransferable Birth and Adoption Permits, PPiiNA, since its foundation in 2005, have been asking public administrations not to discriminate against any of the sexes without, at any time, harming the mother, so that she can maintain breastfeeding.

Damián Montero

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