October 12, 10 perfect plans for a holiday Wednesday

Having time to enjoy with the family is one of the challenges we face every working week. Therefore, holidays are the ideal time to make plans as a family and have fun together. The day of Pilar, Columbus Day and national holiday, is perfect to enjoy the family. We propose ten good ideas for every taste.

Plans with children for October 12

1. Go to the movies. From September until the end of the year, a good number of films are usually released. We have enough material to choose from. Before selecting the film, we must check that it is qualified for the age of our children and that the message it transmits is the one we want it to receive.

2. Museums. Of history, culture, costume, animals. There are many options, you just have to find the one you like most at home and go for it. It is convenient that we prepare the route in advance and pose small challenges to be located in the museum. We can tell you stories related to some of the objects you see.

3. Theater. A good opportunity to get to know this art and to inculcate it to the little ones, who will be able to take advantage of the bridge to start inside this incredible world that is the theater and that after hundreds of years, it continues to offer a good show.

4. Trekking. Whenever the weather is right, an excursion is the perfect activity for a holiday. Too much time in a landscape of asphalt and brick has to be changed by nature, a perfect opportunity to loosen up the muscles and get going. We will promote family relationships in a pleasant environment as well as exercise and improve the desire to excel

5. One night trip. Although it may seem that the bridge is short, it gives to make a break with the family. The associations of Large Families usually prepare lists of companies in the tourism sector that favor families. It is a good system to find accommodations in which we will have all the amenities.

6. Eat out. Especially parents have to eat many times outside or feed on lunchboxes and reheated dishes. A holiday is perfect to get and go to a restaurant that fits our budget. Everyone will remember it as a very special day.

7. Local tourism. Often the city that is most unknown is the one in which one lives. However, more than one would be surprised if he knew all that his place of residence can offer. Search these places online, organize a family route and spend the holiday knowing more about where you live.

8. Walk, park and picnic. These three "P's" are ideal to take advantage of a holiday. Whenever you have good weather, visiting a park, walking it and finishing off with a picnic in its facilities is an excellent plan.

9. Movie at home. There are also days when the family prefers to stay at home because it is in the heat of the home where the batteries are best recharged. What better way to take advantage and rest on a holiday than to watch a family movie with a good helping of popcorn? Many digital platforms offer online rent or purchase systems that are very economical.

10. Family kitchen. Making recipes as a family is a very fun activity, but unfortunately, on many occasions, it can not be done due to lack of time. The holidays can be the perfect opportunity to carry out this activity and cook the richest dishes in family, increasing the bond between parents and children.

Damián Montero

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