How much do we spend in the first year of a baby?

The saying goes that children come with bread under their arms. But the family's shopping list is transformed with the arrival of a baby. And a study has made the account of how much the expenditure intended for the newcomer in the first year of life.

The figure, according to the report prepared by, amounts to 2,000 euros only in basic products, and it can vary enormously according to the brands that each family chooses. In these essential products, the company includes newborn clothing, furniture such as the crib, the highchair or the changing table, baby and breastfeeding supplies, and the car cart or chair, in addition to the diapers.

Basic products for the baby

In this sense, the comparator remembers that one of the factors that can make the most of the cost of acquiring the necessary articles in the first months of life of the small is the decision to opt for white brands or different brands of manufacturer.

A very clear example is that of diapers. Considering that a baby needs an average of eight diapers each day during the first year of life, and about five in the second, this is one of the most important expenses. Specifically, the expense can be between 760 euros per year If you opt for cheap brands or reach almost 1,200 if you choose other more expensive. That is, a considerable difference for the family economy.

Compare prices and you will win

This is the reason why the company highlights the importance of compare prices between establishments and brands before making any purchase. A necessary comparison not only in expensive products (such as the furniture of the room or even strollers), but also in other everyday, whose sum in the end counts, and much.

At this point, purchases by Internet can be a good option, because at the same time you can 'visit' different platforms to decide which is appropriate.

The company, in this regard, recalls a 2008 study of the consumer organization Ceaccu. According to their data, families spend more than 1,200 euros on food during the first year of the baby's life (excluding breastfeeding time).

To this expense it would be necessary to add the 332 euros on average in sanitary objects, plus 600 euros in hygiene and care products. In addition, if you need a daycare, the bill would have to add about 1,200 euros more on average. All this would add expenses of around 7,000 euros per year.

Damián Montero

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