How to help an introverted child make friends

If our son is introvertIf you find it difficult to open up, express yourself and relate to others, we have to ensure that you do not end up being excluded from society. And we can help you get closer to other children and foster friendship.

Avoid imprisonment

While a personality introverted It should not be understood as a bad thing, we must ensure that the child ends up being secluded in their closest environment. Parents should try to get their children interested in sports activities and do not spend too much time on video games or other activities that keep them at home.

Do not force them to externalize their feelings because they prefer to keep their thoughts. It is a mistake that is often made by accusing an introverted child of being shameful. It causes the little one to feel despised for something that is not bad at all. He simply prefers to share his reflections with very close people.

Tips to help an introverted child

Introverted children may have more difficulty to make friends because they find it hard to open up to the world. It is up to the parents to help, taking into account that the children should not be pressured to change their personality, because if the child perceives that his / her way of being is not accepted by the elderly, will end up feeling despised:

- Facilitate occasions in which you can relate to other children. Fewer screens and more trips to the park, and always try to make friends. A good solution is to invite other children to participate in a ball game. If the children are in Primary, a good idea is to encourage team sports.

- Never criticize who has few friends. Introverted people have a harder time sharing their feelings with others. For this reason it is natural for a child with this personality to surround himself with rather small groups. We must respect this decision.

- Teach you the Dialogue techniques. It is possible that an introverted child does not know how to behave in certain social situations. For this reason we must teach him to respect the turns of the word and know how to act.

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