SsangYong XLV: in size eXtra Large

It can definitely be said that the Korean brand SsangYong thinks of families. And not just for offering one of the largest capacity MPVs on the market - the Rodius. Now, after the launch of the Tivoli model, an average SUV of 4.2 meters long, surprises us with the XLV: eXciting Lifestyle Vehicle.

Tremendously similar to Tivoli, but with greater family character, lengthens its body by 24 cm at the back -4.44 m long, 1.79 wide and 1.60 high-, to get a large boot of up to 720 liters, when not wearing spare wheel, or 574 liters with it. In short, a significant increase over the 423 liters of Tivoli that means that on a family holiday trip you can easily accommodate all suitcases, bags or sports equipment.

As standard it offers a network of elastic bands on the side walls, as well as hooks and hangers for facilitate the fastening of packages and garments, a point of light and a 12 volt power outlet. Optionally and for 200 euros, the brand sells the "utility package" consisting of a retractable curtain that covers the cargo space and a boot floor in two heights, which leaves the possibility of creating two different spaces: the largest and main and a double bottom very useful for the objects that we usually leave in the car.

In special cases that require more cargo space can be knock down the backs of the rear seats, which allows reaching a volume of up to 1,440 liters, with the particularity that the space is completely flat. The gate is large and manually operated, but its opening is simple.

Everything described is what differentiates XLV from Tivoli. The rest is very similar, the cabin is practically the same, Spacious and bright, with a modern look, a good feeling of quality in materials and a correct execution in the termination.
The driving position is well resolved regarding the accessibility and vision of the instruments, with a regulated steering wheel only in height, so you have to resort to seat adjustments to have the best driving experience.

Gasoline and diesel

Under the hood, like the Tivoli, the XLV has two mechanics, both 1.6 liters and developed by the brand, an atmospheric gasoline engine that yields 128 horses, coupled to a six-speed manual gearbox. The approved consumption is 6.8 liters per 100 km. The second engine is a 115-horsepower turbo diesel, which in this case can be chosen with a six-speed manual or automatic converter, also with six gears. Thanks to the system Start & Stop the diesel has approved its consumption in 5.9 liters per 100 km.

The response of both engines is correct, with good acceleration in snatch, especially with gasoline mechanics. In diesel, at full load is missing some horse more, but in the most habitual conditions its rendimiento is correct. The automatic transmission is a great help to driving comfort. Perhaps thinking about family use SsangYong has endowed the XLV with a somewhat softer suspension Regarding the Tivoli, which also translates into a little more inclination when you want to move lighter, but not annoying when you move to the normal pace with the children.

Data sheet

Engine: Petrol 1.6 and 128 HP. Turbodiesel 1.6 115 HP.
Transmission: Front-wheel drive and 6-speed manual transmission or automatic of 6 marches in diesel.
Suspension: Front McPherson and rear wheel thrown.
Brakes: Discs, ventilated on the front axle.
Address: Rack with variable electric assistance.
Benefits: Maximum speed 180 km / h.
Long wide high: 4.44 / 1.79 / 1.60 meters.
Capacities: Trunk 574/720 / 1,440 liters. Deposit, 47 l.
Prices: From € 16,650 in gasoline and € 20,000 in diesel.

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