Back to school, the most difficult year expense for large families

In many Spanish houses September's slope is quite steeper than January's. Back to school is one of the most difficult expenses that all families in Spain have to face, especially the numerous. This is clear from a survey conducted by the Spanish Federation of Large Families (FEFN).

According to these figures, 56% of the large families Spanish states that the return to school is the 'extra' "with which the family economy suffers the most". They place it like this even before the holidays, another of those moments in which the pocket is more affected (this is what 23% of the families surveyed say). After these two factors, 10% of respondents place Christmas expenses as the third largest expenditure that costs the most.

The economy of large families

"Apart from the mortgage and basic household supplies, which also take an important part of the budget, the main expenses of large families are food and education," explains the Spanish Federation of Large Families. Education and food are far ahead of the cost of clothing and footwear, health or those generated by the car. Circumstance that is directly related to the behavior of families: it is in food and education where they most seek offers and discounts.

And where are those offers sought and discounts? More and more on the Internet. Almost four out of ten families (37%) declare themselves online shopping users due to the offers of the network: 77% of the respondents say that if the product they are looking for is cheaper on the Internet, they buy it through that channel.

Among the products that families seek the most via network Textbooks stand out, which already accounts for 17% of online purchases from large households.

Choose the school

Related to the return to school is the choice of school. According to these data, more than half of large families (57%) take their children to public centers, while 42% opt for concerted. Only six percent of families choose private schools.

How to save on return to school?

Taking into account that the return to school can cost more than 200 euros per child, saving becomes vital. It is true that there are certain expenses that must be done yes or yes, but others we can save them with simple techniques, like these five that we summarize next and that we extend in this article.

1. Compare. Compare prices between different surfaces. There are usually no big differences but you end up saving.

2. Take inventory. It is normal for all children to feel like releasing things on the return to school, but many times we still have things from the past that are in good condition. Taking an inventory will allow you to buy only what you need.

3. Reuse clothes. The good thing about having many children is that many times we can pass things from the older siblings to the lesser ones. Caring for uniforms and other garments that can be inherited will save us a significant amount.

4. Used textbooks. Although many stamps are publishing non-reusable books from year to year, we can save a lot if we buy second-hand reading books and some study books that do not include exercises.

5. Search packs. When objects come in 'packs' their price is usually less than that of each item separately, so they also represent a significant saving. But you have to take a moment to see if the offer is really worth it.

Damián Montero

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