German cooking recipes to enjoy with the family

Innovating in the kitchen is becoming easier if we make our some of the best recipes of the gastronomy of other countries. To make this good idea a reality, you do not have to leave Europe. Some countries such as Germany have a varied culinary offer of simple and easy dishes, which can be prepared at home to enjoy as a family because they like children as well as adults.

Germany, which lives in autumn its great popular party, has a very varied cuisine based on healthy dishes such as potato salads, vegetables such as sauerkraut and meats such as knuckle. There are also desserts for the sweet tooth among which stand out the recipes of their delicious and famous cakes. Here we propose some meals from the Teutonic country, which you will surely enjoy preparing as a family.

German recipes for family meals

1. Sauerkraut. German recipe well known, as well as healthy since it consists basically of a cole slaw. Perfect to accompany other dishes on this list, especially those made with meat. However, it can also be a main course in meals.

2. German sausage. If the sauerkraut is famous in Germany, the sausage is not left behind either. One of the most famous dishes of German cuisine and that can be prepared perfectly at home How? This recipe tells step by step how to prepare this dish.

3. German knuckle. Typical of the city of Berlin, the knuckle baked in the German style is a perfect dish for those families who love meat. Of course, advisable for lunch as it is a fairly consistent dish that leads to difficult digestion.

4. Potato salad. Like sauerkraut, this salad so typical of the German country is perfect to accompany other dishes. Very easy to prepare and perfect to begin to instill children's love for cooking.

5. Kreppels. German pancakes, a very simple and sweet dish that can be enjoyed both at breakfast and as a dessert. An excellent decision for the most greedy families, yes, without abuse since it is a dish that, like all sweetmeats, contains too many fats.

6. Kougelhopf. A cake with which to impress the whole family and perfect to celebrate special days. Of course, keep in mind that it is one of the most difficult recipes on this list and that it surely requires more than two hands in the kitchen to ensure that it is perfect.

7. Apple cake. In the dessert section you can not miss this cake that can be the perfect culmination for a Germanic menu. You can also choose to reserve it to accompany the coffee.

8. Apple spirals. And a dessert closes this list. Like the Kuchen, the main ingredient of this recipe is the apple. Enjoy the sweetest taste of Germany thanks to these spirals.

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