The dangers of abusing video games

With the expansion of new technologies, network video games they have also been present in most homes. This form of digital leisure can allow our children to acquire some skills. However, abusing them can cause harm to the little ones. So you have to ask yourself, where is the limit? How much time should a child be allowed to use his or her video game console?

A study of the Hospital del Mar and the Institute of Global Health of Barcelona (ISGlobal) has reached a conclusion: two hours per week of video game It is the perfect measure. However, this work also warns of the dangers involved in children devote more than nine hours weekly to this issue can lead to personality disorders.

Benefits of videogames

This study has been based on the investigation of the relationship between hours per week dedicated to video games with certain intellectual skills and behavior problems. In him they have participated 2,442 children between 7 and 11 years old. The results of the research determine that children who use video consoles have better motor skills and better school performance.

The researchers indicate that you should not abuse of video games: two hours a week are enough to obtain these benefits in skills and abilities. More than nine hours a week can lead to the appearance of behavioral problems, conflicts with colleagues and obstacles to development of social skills.

Video games are neither good nor bad

Experts conclude after these results that video games themselves are not neither good nor bad. Everything depends on weather that is dedicated to them and the form in which they are used. In this way if the child plays titles that are not recommended for their age or because they absorb him for too many hours, the influence of the video consoles on him will be disastrous. However, if they take good advantage of video games can bring benefits similar to those of physical activity.

"Traditionally, children acquire the motor skills through action, for example with sports and outdoor games. Research in neuroimaging now suggests that training with virtual and computer environments is also capable of modifying brain circuits that deal with the learning of motor skills, "says the author. doctor Jesus Pujol, one of those responsible for this investigation.

Video games for the family

We propose a list of titles that you can enjoy as a family:

- Minecraft. A simple video game that nevertheless offers many possibilities. This title allows players the option to immerse themselves in a universe in which the user must build everything, from a house to a complete city. It also poses the challenge of collecting all the raw materials necessary to survive, from wood to raise a home to food for food.

- The Sims. This game is now in its fourth edition and makes players face the challenge of life. The mission is simple: to maintain a home. Once created the avatar in the image and likeness of the user will have to find a house, get a job, interact with other characters and meet the needs of every human. A good option to teach children to be responsible and have fun watching a virtual version of our own family. Parents should be warned of the risks involved in these games in which a parallel life is established in a virtual world. If the children do not take it as the game that it is, it can degenerate into psychological disorders.

- Wii Sports. This title breaks with the image of sedentary player that many people will have in their mind. A wide range of possibilities are opened in this videogame where families can compete with each other in various ways.

- Sing Star. With this title you will enjoy a moment with your family, sharing songs from all periods. A funny competition in this virtual karaoke that will make more than one laugh to see the artistic gifts of his relative. From Disney songs to the greatest hits of the 80s, the show has no end!

Damián Montero

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