Mindfulness: here and now

The mindfulness appears as a new psychological trend. A method that links psychological techniques with meditation strategies. Despite being fashionable, the term is not always clear and there are several questions that raise what is exactly the mindfulness? What is this new trend? Because it's trendy? What are the benefits that can bring?

What is the mindfulness?

The term mindfulness is the combination of two words of English, mind what does mind mean and fulness which means full. The mindfulness, therefore refers to the full awareness, to the capacity of be in the present, in the here and now and recognize what is happening when it is happening.

Often, we are overwhelmed by many thoughts that invade our mind, we attend to what we do now, but we think about what we will have to do next, or what we did before. This avalanche of thoughts disturbs our mind, which is forced to attend to several thoughts at almost the same time. When this happens, we often put aside what is happening now, and suffer the logical consequences.

The mindfulness or full attention would consist precisely in having the ability to concentrate our attention and our conscience. It is the ability to consciously pay attention to the experience of the present moment, with interest and acceptance.

Why is it fashionable to mindfulness?

Currently, conscious attention is gaining importance in western medicine and psychology, as different research has shown the benefits of practicing this discipline. It thus appears strongly as an effective alternative with great benefits. The trend responds to many social needs and contributes to the well-being of people.

What is mindfulness for?

Training our attention through mindfulness allows us to be able to relate directly to what is happening in our life, here and now, in the present moment. The practice of mindfulness bring us closer to a new way of relating to our present reality.

If we are able to be in the present, with attention, interest and acceptance, we will know our own reality, we will focus on it, leaving thoughts aside from this moment and therefore we will have the opportunity to work consciously our discomfort, stress , pain, loss, illness, etc. to be able to respond more adaptively to what happens to us.

The mindfulness It is also a powerful tool to recover internal balance and allows us to develop skills such as concentration, discernment and compassion.

How is the practice mindfulness?

The mindfulness it consists of paying attention in the concrete moment to thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations and the environment that surrounds us. Focus on the here and now, without judging. We attend to our state, our thoughts, emotions, sensations without judging them.

The practice takes time and requires some training. At first the logical thing is that we have many thoughts about the future or the past, but little by little we will learn to eliminate ourselves.

Celia Rodríguez Ruiz. Clinical health psychologist. Specialist in pedagogy and child and youth psychology. Director of Educa and Learn. Author of the collection Stimulate Reading and Writing Processes.

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