Scale models for children: scale model

In the market there are models for all tastes and hobbies: from boats, airplanes, dollhouses, buildings, trains, etc. It is an activity in which you can participate the whole family and that will make you spend unforgettable moments. Depending on the age of the children, we can adapt the models for their degree of difficultyd.

Patience and ability These are the two main requirements for those who want to start in modeling. Although we do not have to worry if we are not very handy, since with time we will be getting experience. In addition, the models vary a lot both in their subject matter and in their complexity, so there will always be a suitable one for both the initiated and the most veteran in this hobby.

Amaizing the little ones to model scale

This attractive way to occupy leisure time is ideal from twelve or thirteen years, when boys and girls develop better manual skills and can dedicate themselves to doing this kind of work. Although that does not exclude children who are younger, because for them we can find custom-made models, simple, consisting of small constructions or cut-paper models, where they only have to cut and paste.

Doll houses

The dollhouses are lovely and are not that hard to do. The complicated thing is the structure of the house, but later the task becomes more bearable, since the furniture and other objects to decorate it can be acquired without difficulty in shops and toy stores and we only have to order them inside.

Like other models that we build, we must take into account that we must find a good place to place our "work" when we finish it, and also, in this case, that space must be quite broad: the doll houses take up a lot. Within what are the dollhouse, we must distinguish other types of buildings that we can make, such as castles, rural houses, gnomes, etc. There are many varieties, and like the rest of models, we can assess which one best suits our qualities and tastes.

Model trains

Maybe they are the most complex, since the final goal of many model makers is that they come to work. Anyway, there are much simpler models to start in the rail modeling with little effort. Specialized stores sell various initiation boxes that contain everything you need to get started. They usually come with a train complete with wagons, an oval of tracks and the current transformer.

When we are in more advanced stages of modeling, it is necessary to have some knowledge of electricity to mount the layouts of the models, the lighting and, even, the barriers of the level crossings. Something that takes a long time and requires a lot of patience, but that produces the greatest satisfactions.

Scale models of boats

Naval modeling is a hobby that has great roots in our country. This passion recreates scale and meticulously all types of boats, especially wooden. Most of these models are designed to be a nice ornament in the home, although there are also models for "navigation", that is, we can put them in the water, and in some cases, put them to navigate using an engine and a remote control

The basic models are quite cheap, and for an affordable price we can have entertainments for a while. Although at first sight it seems difficult, it is not so complicated, and while the little ones will have to introduce themselves in naval modeling by their parents, the older boys and girls can get real works of art by themselves. Our first boats may have the elegance that we expected, but that does not mean that we will not achieve it ... to discover it we will have to try it!

Models of aircraft

As in the previous cases, we can find a wide range of models of this type: commercial aircraft, military, old models, etc.

Perhaps these models are easier to perform for beginners, because of their shapes, an airplane is simpler to build than the model of a ship, which has more complements and details. And also, as in previous cases, we can encourage ourselves with models that really fly with remote control. This is very entertaining, since we will enjoy big with the pirouettes that our plane can make.

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