Beauty in autumn: extra care

After the summer months, in which we always look so wonderful and favored in face that we allow ourselves the luxury of wearing the hair without going through the molding of the dryer or iron and dispensing with all kinds of treatment creams, except solar, Autumn arrives and with it, the harsh reality. It seems that dark circles and wrinkles come back home.

Our beauty in autumn needs to extra care. The autumn not only does it take away our tan, but it is the time of year that best suits us. The cold and dryness are the most damaging to our skin and our hair.

If you are not lucky enough to live near the coast, now that the first cold of autumn begins, take the necessary precautions to avoid reaching the end of the station made a parchment.

The specific face care of autumn

1. Urge a good cleaning. You will start on the right foot and will also help make the foundation of makeup become familiar with your skin. The face dries more, and you may need an extra moisturizer. Ask a professional to choose the most appropriate for our skin type.

2. Exfoliate your lips daily with the toothbrush and hydrate them afterwards, although on top of that you paint them with the lipstick.

3. Retake your friendship with the makeup base. Not only will you have a better face, but also the same base will serve as a barrier against external aggressions.

4. Dark circles come back home. If they are your weakest point, do not hesitate to buy yourself a good eye contour, whatever the cost.

The most important thing in autumn: daily cleaning

We did not just find out, but the cleanliness of the skin is essential to prevent premature aging. The skin has its own system of self-cleaning and regeneration and it takes place during sleep, but if it is saturated by the multiple external aggressions to which it is subjected, it becomes incapable.

Therefore, we must put our little grain of sand to dawn with better face:

1. Make up at night and wash your face next. Even if you have not put on makeup, always wash. Any toilet soap serves.

2. Use tonic, always low in alcohol, this helps to eliminate the pores' objections so they can easily absorb the active ingredients of your day cream.

3. Use a specific cream at night. Take a small amount, because if you bathe in cream you will not let the skin breathe and eliminate the toxins.

4. Wash your face again in the morning to sweep all expelled toxins and apply your moisturizer.

Hair, extra care in autumn

Our hair has had to fight during the summer against chlorine, salt and rubber permanent pigtail, now it's the best, fall fall. Take note to get out of the trance graceful:

1. Treat it with love: do not leave it wet, but do not abuse the dryer, do not brush it excessively and rub it gently when washing it, not by embedding the fingers in the skull will be cleaner.

2. Use a neutral PH shampoo.

3. Now avoid a Japanese straightening. If you have to dye avoid the aggressive dyes, if before they were a few hairs that fell into the sink, now you can keep the strands in your hand.

4. Trust the softeners and masks, because they give softness and hydrate the hair. If you have oily hair, put on a very small amount and only on the tips.

5. Eat a healthy diet and if you do not do it, at least it complements with brewer's yeast or royal jelly.

6. The tips must be cleaned more often than you think because hair takes much more life. Autumn is a must to give you a good cut.

Marina Echánove.Stylist and writer. Author of the bookYour style. The keys to elegance, femininity and distinctionfrom Editorial Palabra

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