7 tips to control the bad temper of children

It is not bad to have a strong character, if from small we teach our children to know how to master it and focus it towards good things. Otherwise, a child with a "big personality" can become an adult with an "unpleasant personality".

If there is something we owe him teach to control to our children since childhood is the character. When a child is angry, something wants to tell us with this behavior: that he has done badly in school, that he has some concern, that he is jealous of his brother or simply that he wants to get a whim immediately.

It is important that we do not overlook this attitude, because in the long run it can lead to an unstable character, which will turn you into a brazen and shameless adolescent future.

The influence of the environment on the character of the children

The bad temper of a child has its origin in the environment in which he lives, since it is decisive when it comes to shaping his character. The environment of a bad-tempered child is very marked by the way of being of the parents and this can have several aspects.

Thus, we can meet with:

1. Children of very permissive parents, not accustomed to wait when they ask and to get angry if their whims are not satisfied or to attract attention.

2. Children of very serious or authoritarian parents who end up imitating the paternal character, since they tend to repeat behaviors they see around them.

Other influences:

- The time we spend with our son. A child whose parents are present at home and spend a while talking with him and asking him how I have been in school or other issues, is a calmer child and does not keep his concerns to himself, since he knows that You can communicate them to your parents.

- External factors, such as school. The cause of a child's unsociable attitude may come from classmates with whom he or she gets along or from a teacher with a very bad character or too demanding.

Whatever the origin, it is in the hands of parents to soften the character of a child with a tendency to bad temper and at these ages it is not too late to get down to work before it leads to aggressive behavior.

7 tips to help control the bad temper of children

According to Maite Mijancos, family counselor, the attitude that parents should show to a child with bad character "must be, in the first place, of reflection, of looking for the cause". Finding the origin of their little affability will help us a lot when it comes to acting. "As a counterpart to this bad temper, parents should encourage a sense of humor a lot.Nobody can remain angry after a smile.The job of parents is to help them to be happy, and for that reasonIt is necessary that the child know how to master his character".

Considering that character is what remains in the person with the passage of time, the future of our child is in our hands: the bad temper is a prison that can dynamite the child's personal relationships once it grows and becomes adult.

Therefore, it is time to act and show the child that by all good things work better and that has the support of their parents to vent their concerns.

Parents can "attack" our son's temper in the following way:

1. Teaching him to exercise the will: that knows how to wait, that learns to eat everything without complaining and that it fulfills its duties at the moment in which it has to do it, not leaving it for later.

2. Educate them with good humor. That they see us happy.

3. Before your anger, we should not react twice as angry as him. The child will be blocked at the moment and in the long run it will be counterproductive, because he will see anger as a quick way to resolve conflicts.

4. A joke can take away the anger: "Uuuyyy, but what a bear face you get when you're angry." It will be able to diminish the importance of the little things for which it can get upset and the older one will return our jokes with jokes.

5. Praise him when he demonstrates appropriate behavior, make him notice the good atmosphere that is created when he is in a good mood.

6. Teach him to ask for forgiveness. This is very important so that he learns to put himself in the place of others, to realize when he has done something wrong and to find peace.

7. It is not advisable to tell him that he is always of bad smoker, it can make you sad for being like that.

Conchita Requero
Advisor: Maite Mijancos. Family guide.

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