How to transfer children to International Day of Democracy

Teach a child the importance of democracy is to educate him to be a good citizen. This political system is synonymous with consensus and understanding, two very important values ​​that must be transmitted to the smallest members of the household.

For this reason, each September 15 the importance of this political system through the International Day of Democracy. A date to think about what democracy means for people and their influence on our day to day. A reflection in which children can participate so that they can discover the true value of dialogue and cooperation in the common interest.

Values ​​of democracy

It is convenient to stop for a second and meditate together with our children about the values ​​that democracy really brings to each person. This political system starts from the idea that it is the majority who must govern as long as it respects the needs of all citizens. Democracy is also based on dialogue since both those who govern and those who exercise the opposition need reach agreements and transmit to society the reason for their actions.

That is, democracy can teach children to always respect the vision of the majority and minorities, even if they distract from their thoughts. It also encourages listen to other opinions and to value them when making a decision. This will make them understand from very young the importance of pluralism and how much other ways of seeing problems can give us.

Democracy is also committed to tolerance, that is, to respect others even though they do not think the same way we do. This respect is fostered in the coexistence, whether at school, at home or with your friends. We must accept that reason can not always be carried and that other types of thoughts can be as valid as one's own.

Children can also learn from the hand of democracy two concepts as important as legitimacy and legality. That is, understand the meaning of the rules and their compliance, as well as the concept of authority.

How to transmit those values

Democracy not only serves to govern a country. It is also very good for organize a home. In fact, a good way to transmit these values ​​is to make the home become a place where dialogue is the predominant note. When making decisions, the children should be made aware that Your opinion matters, like the rest of the people at home. Although basic questions of an educational nature will not be put to the vote, since they are the parents' power, an open dialogue can be held on other aspects of everyday life, how to spend free time.

For example at the time of go to the movies Everyone at home can suggest which movie to watch and depending on the option most represented among the members, this is the one that will finally be seen. In this case if the child gets angry because he did not "win" his proposal, we must make him understand that his opinion will be taken into account in the next few occasions.

The start at school It can also be a good occasion to explain the importance of democracy. At school children interact with others who may think differently from them. They must understand that they can not impose their criteria by force, but must speak with the rest for example when deciding what they play at recess.

Damián Montero

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