Crafts to decorate the return to school

When the children are small and still do not have homework, we run the risk that the afternoons they get heavy if the weather is bad and they can not go out and play. A good alternative is to fill the time with crafts.

In addition, they are a good opportunity to pass the family afternoons Away from the screens of smartphones and tablets. This activity also favors fine motor skills because they are continuously coloring, bending, gluing, trimming, etc. And by the way, we will encourage your creativity and your self-esteem when you check the result of your afternoon of crafts.

Crafts for the return to school

1-  Pencil jar. So many colored pencils, pens, waxes, markers, and all messy. A pot to store the pencils can be the answer to this chaos and if you also do the child and puts a touch of his personality, much better.

2-  Cases. Let's continue with the organization. A good pencil case and other school supplies are essential for school. Creating one designed to our liking is certainly not a bad option.

3-  Backpack. A fundamental element for the school and that sometimes can be very boring. If you want, you can give an original touch to this backpack with simple steps. For example, sew 4 pieces of black cloth to a white backpack and have a funny panda carrying the books.

4-  Organizer folder. The simplest classifier can be turned into a work of art with a little imagination. We can spend a good evening in family and decorate a folder with the reasons we choose.

5-  Bookmark. Getting lost among the many pages of a textbook is not very difficult. A marker can be a good option to avoid the student not knowing where he left the lesson.

6-  Personalized pencil sharpener. Not only is it a good way to have fun and be creative, but it also makes it possible to differentiate our pencil sharpener from the rest. We must put effort, but surely the result is worth it.

7-  Snack bag. Somewhere you have to put the sandwich for the children. In the stores they sell bags prepared for the effet, but it will still be better if we encourage our children to make theirs. Of course, parents can help.

8- Organizer. To not get lost, to be clear about the class schedule, exams and deliveries, to know when the next game is or what birthday we have ahead, this organizer will especially like teenagers.

Damián Montero

Video: 10 DIY School Supplies 2017 | Easy 5-Minute Crafts + Back To School DIY Projects Ideas!

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