6 tips to prevent hair loss

Seasonal changes and nutritional deficiencies are the main causes of hair loss. Autumn is a time especially favorable for hair loss and post-holiday syndrome, with changes in schedules and rhythm of life.

According to the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV), more than half of men and 25% of women suffer hair loss, among other reasons, due to being under situations of great stress and stress.

Stop hair loss: 6 hair loss tips

The return to routine after the summer holidays usually suppose a problem for our hair health. However, avoiding hair loss is possible with these tips:

1. Eat properly: The consumption of products rich in vitamins A, B and C is essential to prevent our hair from falling after our workday. Following a balanced and healthy diet will be a good ally to promote the oxygenation of the hair follicles and achieve greater hydration.

2. Monitor the high temperatures: Be careful when using the dryer, iron or curling irons. These devices subject your hair to extreme heat conditions that can weaken it and favor its fall.

3. Use appropriate products to combat the fall: To deal with hair loss, the shampoos we must use must contain active ingredients, such as Biotin and Niacinamide. It is a group B vitamins that activate the local microcirculation and provide the hair follicle with the necessary nutrients to promote capillary growth.

4. Do not wear "aggressive" hairstyles: If you often abuse pigtails, braids or bows, your hair may suffer as you promote your weakness. A simple gesture like wearing loose hair can be a good prevention tool.

5. Perform physical exercise: Sports practice is synonymous with the release of endorphins and the elimination of accumulated tensions throughout the day. In this way, while we promote our health we avoid hair loss for this reason.

6. Avoid moments that cause stress: When we are under stressful situations or a lot of pressure, our hair suffers the consequences due to a series of reactions that occur in our body. To avoid them, try to return to the routine gradually and progressively and your hair will thank you.

Marina Berrio

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