4 styles to take advantage of your terrace

Deciding which decorative elements are perfect for our home can often be more complicated than it seems. The key is to find the balance between our own tastes and the new trends that create beautiful environments full of comfort.

The designer and collector Antonio Zorrilla explained in an interview that "with time you are shaping your style, I look for the balance between beauty and comfort". Therefore, developing our personal style is very important for our homes to incorporate our personalities and our taste, but at the same time we must not forget fundamental characteristics such as functionality and comfort, especially when choosing furniture.

Decoration at home: general recommendations

Whether we need to decorate the interior of our houses, like the exterior, terraces and gardens, in both cases the key words are comfort and elegance. You have to choose quality furniture and accessories to make your home a cozy, unique and original space. These are the features offered by only the best brands, which day after day enrich their catalogs with many products such as garden chairs and they do so by always paying special attention to materials, quality finishes and manufacturing, always keeping a design at the forefront.

In addition, if we have a terrace in our home, we must take even more care of its decoration: a well-decorated terrace will become the center of the home in the warm months, a place to enjoy meetings with friends or quiet evenings at the light of the moon.

Terraces: different decoration styles

If you want to turn your terrace into a magical place, here are some ideas that will surprise you:

1. Mediterranean terrace

A fresh and natural style that does not go unnoticed. Walls and white furniture that contrast with textiles and accessories in blue tones, accompanied by flowerpots and plants that bring joy to the environment.

2. Minimalist terrace

A simple style that creates modern and sophisticated environments. Extreme simplicity of shapes and lines, clear spaces and light colors. It is an easy style that creates environments with balance and harmony.

3. Zen Terrace

A relaxing, comfortable and functional style. Low tables, puffs or cushions on the floor and textiles in light tones are the keys to this type of space. Add a pergola or a tent to complete this type of decoration.

4. Chic comfort style

A type of decoration that fuses comfort and style. Armchairs or hammocks with cushions and blankets, chosen with coherence and that give space extra comfort. Use the same cushions for all furniture if you want the result to be harmonious.

The lighting and the distribution of environments on your terrace

Whatever the type of decoration chosen, in no case we should not neglect the lighting: choose a soft light to give privacy and warmth to the space. The main lamp should be striking, complement it with other different types of light sources, such as garlands, lanterns, candles or a floor lamp. Decorative eclecticism is fashionable!

If you are lucky enough to have a large outdoor space, the ideal is to distribute the space in several areas using visual barriers such as lattices or floors. Separating environments offers the possibility of creating cozy and intimate areas and make the most of space.

Finally, a very elegant solution is to use artificial turf on the terrace, it will give a nice light to the environment and enhance the decoration, at the same time that it will make your terrace more cozy.

Marina Berrio
Advice: Antonio Zorrilla, designer and collector

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