Children's and youth cinema: the premieres that are still for 2016

Family cinema is synonymous with shared entertainment. And the months that remain until the end of 2016 are full of pleasant surprises that will delight small and not so small. The films are increasingly prepared for the whole family to enjoy. The children are entertained with didactic stories and for adults they always reserve enough gags to make the time pleasant.

Children's and young people's cinema: film premieres 2016

This is the offer that we will find in cinemas from here to December.

1. Storks. Warner Bross reveals in this film one of the best secrets in the world: the organization of the storks that every day make sure that every father receives his baby. A story full of laughter and tenderness that ensures that everyone at home leaves happy movies. But above all, an opportunity for the family to explain to the youngest children the changes that a home is going through when a new baby arrives.

2. Ozzy. The life of this dog changes when his family leaves him in a luxurious hotel during his holidays. Actually this accommodation is a prison for pets that Ozzy will have to escape The tape conveys important values ​​such as friendship or teamwork.

3. Strange Doctor. New bet of Marvel in which he recovers one of his classic comics. It tells the story of a neurosurgeon fallen in disgrace who finds himself face to face with a world he thought impossible and with powers he did not expect to have. This revelation will suppose its beginning as defender of justice. Suitable only for young people and adults, we must take into account the fantasy component of this type of comics. However, our children can be taught a lot of transformation that the protagonist's personality experiences.

4. Trolls. Here the trolls are not unpleasant beings that scare the gnomes, but friendly colorful characters who embark on this rescue mission away from their world of peace and tranquility. An epic adventure that will capture the whole family until the end of the film and that hides a profound message about the way we must face adversity.

5. Fantastic animals and where to find them. New film of the universe of Harry Potter that this time tells the story of Newt Scamander, who must face many magical animals that have escaped from his book of spells and threaten New York. Like the rest of the saga, it is marked by magical and fantastic elements and we will have to guarantee that the smallest of the house understand that it is only a fiction. However, the protagonist and his friends will help them understand values ​​such as friendship, commitment or the search for good and truth.

6. Moana. Disney brings to its screens the story of Moana Wailiki, a young woman who will sail on an epic adventure across the Pacific Ocean in search of her ancestors. It has the usual components of these animated films in which overcoming sets the pace of the road to find a legendary island.

7. Roge One: A Star Wars Story. Spin-off of the famous Star Wars saga in which the spectators will know the story through which the rebels took the planes of the Death Star. An opportunity for those who are younger to know the Star Wars universe and, in this way, generate a point of common interest shared by parents and children.

8. The little Prince. Exciting tribute to Saint Exupéry, author of The Little Prince, who will bring the reading of this book to large and small. Not only does it unravel the richness of the original plot but it also provides precious brushstrokes about the true meaning of life.

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