The dangerous attraction of detergent tablets

Discover the world It's a wonderful thing and it's up to each child. Exploring the corners of the home, which represents the universe of the smallest, is something that the little ones do every day. In these adventures they discover wonderful things like toys, the usefulness of many things and most importantly, they know their environment. However you have to be very careful because not all inquiries What they do is good because sometimes they can be dangerous.

An example is the many chemicals that are present in the house and that can cause intoxication in the smallest. An example is the detergent tablets which are usually very colorful and can appear to be a treat, two more than enough reasons for the child to go on his quest to eat them. If this intake occurs, the child may even suffer a poisoning that endangers his life.

Accidents with chemicals

The Spanish Pediatric Association, AEP, warns that one of the most common injuries in children and less taken into account are poisonings caused by chemicals that make up many products in the home and that are often available to children. The most common is that these accidents are caused by medications, followed by Cleaning products.

Pediatricians place the focus especially on a cleaning product: liquid detergent tablets, which as we said are very colorful, bright and the size of some trinkets, so they can appear to be a treat. These products contain concentrated chemicals and are surrounded by a thin plastic layer that melts when contacting the water.

Precisely in this layer of plastic resides the greatest danger of these tablets of liquid detergent since if a child confuses these products with sweets, and ends up biting them, or simply introducing them in the mouth, content contents spill into the mouth of the child. This is because this film that covers the detergent tablet comes in contact with liquid like saliva, so it melts immediately.

Possible damage to the minor

If a child ends up ingesting one of these liquid detergent tablets, numerous damage to your body They can cause various injuries such as irritation of the mucous membranes in the best of cases to lung and stomach lesions. These components usually they are abrasive so they can even burn the esophagus and all the ways by which these products pass after being ingested.

In the worst case, ingesting these products can provoke coma in children and even lead to death by poisoning. In addition, the liquid detergent tablets can generate injuries when contacting the skin or with the eyes since, as we have said, they are abrasive products that can cause great damage in these areas of the body.

The best thing to prevent these accidents is that all those products in which it is recommended to "keep out of the reach of children", as well as all those that contain toxins. Parents should avoid leaving these items in accessible places children and should never allow the little ones to play with them. It is also convenient to add security measures such as elements that prevent the opening of cupboards where these items are stored.

Damián Montero

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