The sensitive periods of children for learning values

The sensitive periods they are moments in the life of children in which learning takes place naturally; it seems as if his whole being is stimulated to act in a certain sense. It talks about periods precisely because they correspond to a certain stage of life and they are called sensitive because they are independent of the will.

This has consequences: it leaves positive traces in the brain cells (that is, helps to create habits) and high results are obtained with a low level of effort.

Up to the age of 12, 80% of these periods take place, which is why education is particularly important at this stage.

Teach virtues and values: where do I start?

A logical question is to ask: "Where do I start? There are many virtues that we must educate, taking advantage of the sensitive period in which my son is." Although this is true, so is the idea that by improving a quality of the person, this improves as a whole, is what is known as "the principle of harmony of virtues." But a single act does not mean virtue, to achieve it you have to repeat it and do it with meaning: knowing what is done, why it is done and wanting to act like this in any circumstance and environment, whether others are present or not.

The four cores of virtue to teach children

Although some virtues lead to others, it is possible to determine a series of nuclear and other virtues. The four nuclei of virtue that help face the vicissitudes of life are: self-control-order, work-effort, generosity-solidarity and maturity-responsibility.

In the following chart, we see what attached virtues are linked with each of them:

Ana Aznar
Advice: José Manuel Mañú. Teacher.

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