Keys to prevent the child from swearing

Good education is made up of many ingredients: manners at the table, courtesy when receiving other people, ways to address strangers or treat friends, vocabulary, etc. Especially this last element is one of those that have to be taken into account since it is very ugly to see how someone says swearwords or mischievous expressions, especially if it is a child who has these words within their usual repertoire.

That is why from very young you have to work because these swear words do not appear in your vocabulary and work because the children are as educated as possible. Here we propose some techniques with which to change the chip of children from the first bad word that comes out of his mouth and thus achieve that in the long run this does not become a difficult problem to solve.

Techniques to avoid swearwords

1.  From the first moment. Sometimes we believe that a child is too young to understand our language. However, nothing is further from reality. Before we think, children unconsciously assimilate our words and incorporate them into their minds. It is possible that before we realize it, the little ones will say these curse words they have heard when we thought they were not paying attention.

2.  Be an example How will the child assimilate that he should not swear if at home he constantly hears them? Moreover, how are we going to reprimand them if they see us telling them? We must eradicate these words from our vocabulary to see how adults do not say them either, in this way we will be a reference for education while correcting a tare in our manners.

3.  Do not laugh thanks. There are parents who see in these words a funny behavior on the part of the child and they laugh as if to say "look at my child, how innocent, he says this word without knowing what he means". But this should not be the case, whether you know the meaning or not, you have to scold him and make him understand that this behavior will not be accepted by his parents.

4.  Explain the meaning. As we said in the previous point, it is possible for children to say this word without really knowing what it means. They have just heard it somewhere and have incorporated it into their vocabulary without having any idea how to use it. For that reason if we listen to our son to pronounce a curse, it will be necessary to scold him and to explain to him that this word has negative connotations and that can offend someone, reason why it must be eliminated of his mind.

5.  Promote reading What better tool to encourage your vocabulary than reading? The pages of the books are full of words to learn and they can occupy the position that the swearwords had within their vocabulary. In this way they will learn a new repertoire that is more related to good education.

6.  Do not ignore. There are times when we hear a minor saying a bad word and we prefer to ignore this situation thinking that by not giving importance, the child will eliminate this behavior. But that is not the case, and by acting in this way, the opposite effect can be achieved, that the child thinks that it is an act that, by not having had a reaction, can continue to be done.

7.  Find out the reason. A good way to prevent the child from cursing is in addition to scolding him, asking what he intended to say with her. In this way, other words can be suggested with which to express themselves in cases in these cases without having to use bad words for it.

8.  Insistence. It is possible that at the first occasion in which the child is scolded, he does not forget these words. For that reason every time you hear him say a curse, he will answer in the same way and maintaining the same firmness to make sure that little by little this behavior disappears in him.

Damián Montero

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