The snack at recess and its importance

The return to school has already arrived. Return to routine, at classes and the hours of learning. The school schedule requires a lot of time focused on the different subjects of the school and internalizing knowledge. A waste of energy that you have to face with a good diet. Start the day with a good breakfast is essential to face the first part of the school schedule, but at mid-morning and snack a snack helps us to have the energy for the second part of the day.

However, sometimes it is not granted the importance of this meal mid-morning or mid-afternoon in the lives of students. Thesnack It not only supposes an energetic contribution to face the last hours of class of the morning or the duties in the afternoon, but also it is part of one of the five daily meals recommended. Fill it withhealthy ingredients It is essential to complete a healthy diet.

The importance of the snack during recess and snack

Both thesnack as snack at mid-morning snack are meals that must provide 15% of the daily energy needed. In addition, nutrition specialists ensure that our body needs aEnergy supply every two or three hours to keep blood glucose values ​​stable.

In the case of children, both to face the second part of the morning classes after recess, and to have energy for their extracurricular activities and homework, to perform these two small daily meals prepares them for a good performance both physical and mental.


What should the children's sandwich carry?

Bread It is the base of the sandwich and an important source of carbohydrates. It is at the base of the nutritional pyramid, so it is recommended to include it in our diet on a daily basis, especially when it is made with whole grain. Whole wheat bread is the most recommended and among its main benefits is that it helps control cholesterol, prevents constipation, provides energy thanks to its slow-absorbing carbohydrates and helps control diabetes.

The filling of the sandwiches should be varied so as not to create monotony, always choosing the ones that are considered healthiest.

- Stuffings of sausage: It is convenient to opt for ham york and thepavo that have protein, iron, vitamin B, are low in fat and very light.

- Filled with cheese. This milk derivative is an excellent source of calcium and a recommended food in the diet of any child. Choose fresh and low-low cheeses, before they are cured.

- Filled with tuna. Good source of Omega 3 and proteins for children.

- Vegetable fillings. Vegetable sandwicheswith lettuce, tomato, pickles, peppers ... can also be delicious and very healthy.

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