Green light helps to ease the pain of migraine

Few sensations are more annoying than the pain caused by migraine. The discomfort that is felt because of these headaches ends up making us dizzy and even giving us the urge to vomit. Very few are the remedies that work to combat it and sometimes it seems that medicines do not influence when it comes to counteracting the annoyances caused by this ordeal that many people around the world go through.

However, Harvard University could have come up with a new method for the migraine It was not so annoying and so that the pain it causes was appeased. The key to alleviating the discomfort of migraines is the green light, which according to these researchers with a concrete wavelength and in complete darkness, can have a positive effect on those who go through these episodes that can become a real torture for those who suffer.

Migraine: sensitivity to light

According Rami Burstein, the main author of this work, more than 80% of migraine cases are caused by an increased sensitivity to light. According to this researcher, this is the reason why those affected by migraines seek darkness and isolation to alleviate the headache they feel during these episodes.

To check if the green light Under some conditions could help those suffering from migraines, 41 people were asked to suffer these ailments to come to the laboratory while suffering one of these episodes where they should perform a small test. These participants were taken to a room with an illumination of different intensities green, amber, red or blue. Later they were asked if they had experienced any improvement in their headaches and what had been the way in which that malaise had been reduced.

Bright light did not help All the participants indicated that in those cases where the light they received was too bright, their headache was increased far from being relieved. On the other hand, on those occasions where the lighting was weaker, these people said they felt better when the color was green compared to red, blue or amber. A 20% of patients They expressed that their discomfort diminished when the room completely lit green.

The response to migraine may be in the retina

The researchers relate that the green light be beneficial to appease the pain of migraine with the fact that the cones of the retina and neurons, which are activated through the eye nerves, react weaker to the stimulus of this illumination. This results in the neurological process What triggers the migraine does not start or is paralyzed in these conditions.

According to those responsible for this study, this is a new beginning in the treatment of the headaches suffered by those with migraine. However, the main author of this research warns that there are still more studies to see if these results can really be extrapolated to other patients suffering from migraines and that the price of the necessary bulbs would be too high.

4 tips to prevent migraine

Migraine is very It is difficult to treat and once the ailments occur, it is difficult to relieve the pain sensation. However, yes you can fight to prevent the appearance of these episodes trying to avoid the symptoms that end up causing headaches:

- Carry about same schedules of food and sleep, since the alterations of them can produce migraine attacks.

- Try control stress levels, since it is an important trigger of this pathology.

- Take her medication as soon as possible.

- Go to the specialist who will make a diagnosis and explain the treatment and measures to take.

Damián Montero

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