At 12 years 15% of schoolchildren in Spain have already repeated at least once

The education and knowledge that is received in schools and institutes is one of the fundamental pillars in every student. However, to this day, there are quite a few schoolchildren who fail to meet the objectives that are set academically and unfortunately, in some cases this ends up forcing them to repeat the course and try to overcome the goals of it.

In particular, and before the imminent return to school, the Ministry of Education, has launched the State System of Education Indicators 2016, where it includes many variables in order to define the state of Education in Spain. Among these indices is the "suitability rate" that tries to verify if the students are in the course that corresponds to their age.

At 12 years old, 15% have already repeated

Guiding us by the data of the State System of Indicators of Education 2016, at present approximately 15% of students who are 12 years old already he has repeated on some occasion course. This study corresponding to the academic year 2013-14, 93.7% of the students of eight years is enrolled in third year of Primary Education, course that is assumed as normal.

If the fifth year of Primary Education is attended, the suitability rate for 10-year-old children drops to 89'5%. Which means that it is at these ages when schoolchildren begin to repeat the course. If we go to Compulsory Secondary Education, ESO, almost 85% of the 12-year-old students are in the first course of this educational modality, which clearly shows how the suitability rate goes back down, indicating that there are more children than they have not passed the academic year correspondent.

In the third year of ESO, the suitability rate goes back down to the 71% in the students of 14 years and up to something less than 64% with the students of fifteen years in the fourth year of ESO. A number that indicates a worrisome trend since the drop in this figure becomes greater as the student body goes down drastically.

Differences between communities

The different educational models present throughout the Spanish territory show differences in relation to the suitability rate. In this way Catalonia and La Rioja they present good data with 91'7% and 87'8% respectively, while Ceuta and Baleares they have the worst numbers with 77'1% and 79'4%.

Better data compared to past years

However, despite the fact that there is a constant tendency to increase the number of repeaters as the courses progress, there is no denying the improvement that has occurred in the data since the course 2007- 08 where the suitability rate of students who had reached the fourth grade of ESO at 15 years of age was 57.7%, which has meant a increase of almost six points percentages in just six years and five academic years.

If we look at the previous data referring to the 2012-13 academic year, the improvement is also appreciable since in this academic year the suitability rate was at 62.5% and that of 2013-14 stood at 63.6%. A rise of more than one percentage point in the number of students who attend the fourth year of ESO at 15 years of age. In short, a constant improvement over the years.

Help them improve their grades

Sometimes we see that our children have bad grades that get worse as the years go by. From home we can help you improve these qualifications and in this way make them not repeat course:

- Do not tell your child it's a disaster. Motivate Valórale. He can study better, concentrate more. Talk to him about his difficulties and think together, you and your child, what are the real difficulties you have before the study.

- Speak with the tutor with sincerity. He knows you in class and you at home. Observe if the bad grades respond to some demotivation and work to elect it.

- Reading improves school performance. All students must understand that reading books is an activity closely linked to study.

- Do not obsess about having children have a curriculum "ten". We do not want library mice, but happy children. Now, this does not mean that the fun prevails over the obligation. Simply that an overshoot can lead to the opposite result.

- Parents should not do our children soft, not too demanding. We must erase the word tired from the vocabulary. You get good grades when you get tired. They should not feel victimized.

Damián Montero

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